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05-08-2002, 11:33 AM
Just ranting here, gonna list the most annoying player types I know of.

1. Grip Campers- These are the people who jump into an FFA game, hide off in the corner near a few ledges, and whenever someone passes by, grips them and tosses em off into a ledge. Man, dont they get bored? I know its easily counterable by absorb, but hordes of newbies come rushing at them, and they have at least enough skill to dodge by the other three while throwing the one in, then repeating until he runs out o force. Then he runs a lap around the map to replenish his force, goes back to the same spot, and repeats.

I love walking up to these guys with absorb on, and they dont know it. They just stand there waving their arms at you, trying to grip you.

2. Bespin Campers- Not only are these guys irritating, they're insulting. Picture this: You are in the Bespin Exhaust Shaft level in an FFA. You run out onto the catwalk, and you look around and only see one enemy on the thermal detonator ledge, and his sabre is down. You think "Ok, sabre down, nonhostile for the moment. Maybe he's waiting for another dualist." You jump up towards the top catwalk and as you do, you hear the familiar "Whoosh!" of Force Pull, and you can look over just in time to see this guy pulling you off course in your jump,. with his sabre down, and throwing you down the pit.

If you're hostile, put your sabre up. You're exploiting a known rule of etiqutte. If you dont agree with it, thats fine, keep your sabre up, but dont exploit it. Damn.

3- Duel Disruptors- These are all over the place. They're basically those guys who see two people dueling, and they run up and start flailing their sabres at them, trying to kill them. I tell them "we're dueling, you cant hurt us" but they dont listen. Just keep on swinging. It wouldnt be so abd, but they get in the way.

Thsi is worse on gun servers, when they might pull out a rocket launcher and blow you both off a ledge. No damage, you just go flying.

Well, thats my ranting for the day.


05-08-2002, 04:17 PM
1. Even though you can't 'see' force absorb, you can still hear it. :eek:

2. Unless the admin specfically lays down a set of rules that states 'force down means no attacking', its pretty much every man for himself.

3. There are alot of new people buying and playing the game everyday, and many of them don't know differently. As for the ones who come up and stand inbetween the duel, well then I agree.


05-08-2002, 04:52 PM
Oh, dont get me wrong, I never said these were awful, terrible, ban-worthy offenses. They just irritate me. It offends my sense of morals and etiqutte when people abuse the "sabredown= nonhostile" unwritten rule. There are peple who dont agree with it. Thats fine. But dont use our belief in it as an advantage.

As for the absorb counter to the grip whores: Some of them get it, but a lot of them just stand tehre waving their arm at you, filling your force back up. They either dont play with speakers, or havewnt yet figured out what the flashing blue player and quiet humming noise mean. It makes me laugh. Then I give em a kick off the ledge, and I laugh s'more.

I just remembered something else that pisses me off: Players who jump challenges. Newbies, I can understand, but you can usually distinguish a skilled player from a newbie. Skilled players have been around, know what dueling is, and know what it means when the words "ShockV1.89 has challenged you to a duel" flash across their screen. What have some done to me? Walk up to me, I mean WALK, as though they're gonna accept. Then "grip, swing out over ledge, dead", before I can react. Baah, makes me mad! Some players will say "whatever gets the frag" and I agree. But it seems like a slightly underhanded method.


05-08-2002, 04:55 PM
I've never liked that unwritten rule. I prefer to walk around with my saber off because it's harder to be seen from a distance and you can't hear the sound.

05-08-2002, 05:04 PM
I think there should be a few servers with a moderator(s) in 'em! Ok the game doesn't have that kinda feature, but it would be so nice to have a server full of gentlemen, playing by the rules, and a mod to give warnings and kicks to ppl that are lame in some way.

And ofcourse I'd like a good ping from this(/these) server(s) :D

05-08-2002, 08:28 PM
I definitely have to agree with Shock on this one. If you're not going to accept a duel, don't, but please don't abuse the challenger's moment of question. There are plently of oppertunities to hurl people skyward in a relatively decent fashion, and enough so that the one needn't get underhanded about it.