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05-08-2002, 03:05 PM
Last night I was looking for a game after patching to 1.03. Problem is that no servers could be found using the in game server search feature. I transfered over to Qtracker to find that out of all of the games listed less than 1/3 had upgraded to 1.03. Hopefully this is stays this way from my experience with the new patch. I only play NF/Duels so I can not comment on the changes to ammo, force powers etc.

What I can say is that the fluidness of my style of fighting has been degraded.
- By this I mean that I could "clip" an opponent after he/she had reached the peak of their swing if I could position myself at their 4 or 7 o'clock position. Unfortunately this little movement does not work from what I have seen. Somehow their ability to pull their saber up and across their body in order to block my swing has been increased.
- I also have noticed that if an opponent twirls into me regardless of my stance or position/direction my ability to ward off blows has become mythic at the least. Is this a good thing? In my opinion I can't agree. If an opponent can get inside my defences and manage to spin while just a foot away from me, they should be able to land one of those strikes. It was my neglect that alows them to lay into me, I deserve to get burned.
- Last of my opinions is based on the reduction of damage taken with a hit. I agree that as a swing is origionating or terminating it should generate less damage than a hit landed at its highest point. I do not agree that a swing that leaves or is coming into the highest point by 5 to 10 degrees would not generate the same damage as it would at its highest arc. So if I were to swing at an opponent 5 - 10 degrees to the left or right should generate equal damge and not be degrated.

DFA's they didn't bother me prior to the patch, nor will they bother me after it. If someone wants to be a one hit dolly so be it.

I have also never seen this mentioned, but then again I do not prowl the boards as I am usually in game.

Console commands and general tweaking I have found usefull in saber / duels.

a. All graphics should be turned down. Less resources the system has to extend to play the game the better.

b. (Console command) cg_fov xxx
- changes the (F)ield (O)f (V)iew. It is default a 80, and can go up to 120. I personally like it at 100 giving me just enough peripheral vision to doge most attacks at my 4 or 7 o'clock positions.

c. com_maxfps xxx
- adjust this based on your systems ability. I keep mine at 120.

These tips might be well known, then again they might not. The key is FPS in any online fighting game. The higher that number the faster your saber reaches your opponent.

Thanks again for reading this far, I know it might be a little long winded but as I said I usually do not post on boards.

Urza - in game

05-08-2002, 03:20 PM
The dedicated server tools for 1.03 only just came out; I'm not sure the Linux one is even out yet.

05-08-2002, 03:31 PM
Ah might explain the lack of servers thanks.