View Full Version : Requested Feature was ommited at compile time

NI Knight of Ni
05-08-2002, 05:33 PM
I am arranging a pak file for a friend, which is obviously not difficult so I am not sure why this is happening. I have made the pak, and gone into Jedi multi player, clicked on the map mymap1 and the screen blanks out the 'JKII Console' telling me 'Requested Feature was ommited at compile time'.

Right now it contains these three files:


I have taken these steps:

- Check levelshot size and resized to proper values
- Removed levelshots and scripts Folders
- Moved compression from Maximum to Minimum
- Removed mymap1.bsp from gamedata/base/maps
- Renamed map
- used sv_pure 0

Each step I ofcourse checked for changes and nothin. Ofcourse when I removed the levelshots and scripts folders, I used /devmap mymap1.

When this map is in the /maps folder of the GameData/base, without having the .pak file. It works fine using /sv_pure 0 /devmap mymap1

Anyone come accross this?
- Knight Train