View Full Version : Those of you wanting Darth Vader model.........

05-09-2002, 12:28 AM
Has anyone seen the SUPERB! Darth Vader model for Q3 and UT by Alcor? .....it is truly breathtaking! -How hard would it be just to convert the Q3 DV model from Q3 to JK][!? -I can't believe no1 has done this yet, especially Alcor!:rolleyes: :p

Q3/UT Darth Vader Model by: Alcor (http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/cottages/alcor/)

.........I would do it but I have very little experience and know-how when it comes to modeling/converting:rolleyes: ;)

--There are also numerous other Superb! Star Wars Models for Q3/UT including: BattleDroid, Destroyer Droid, Obi-Wan(young and old), ScoutTrooper,Yoda,etc;

-How hard would it be to convert these from Q3 to JK][? -I'll post screenies soon:0