View Full Version : The Big "who will win questions"

05-09-2002, 04:52 PM
ok here goes.

Luke V. Kyle?
:bdroid2: :bdroid1: :bdroid2: :bdroid1: :bdroid2: V :fett: ?
:amidala: V :c3po:
And finally ... :atat: V :jawa

05-09-2002, 05:16 PM
ok, in the order posted:
luke vs kyle= well... i think would make it, kyle won't hit neither women nor children (look at lukes babyface...)
:bdroid2: x5 vs :fett: =M-M-M-M-Monster kill for boba, the droids can't hit sh!t (although they are robots with CPU guided aiming skills...)
:amidala: vs. :c3po: = victory vor ami, 3po gets his ass kicked by the little creature that sticked to jabba (you know, the one from RotJ), i don't even want to start thinking about what this little thing did down there... around jabbas butt
:atat: vs. :jawa = clear victoy for at-at, jawas are getting their asses wiped out by practically everything that can wipe out ass! they got they asses wiped by hey-you-there, we-cant-see-sh!t-through-this-helmets-that-give-practically-no-protection-whatsoever troopers (what a shame)

do i have to say more? i don't think so...