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Dark Begger
05-09-2002, 05:36 PM
well there is nothing that can be done now, it is almost guaranteed that Raven won't bring things BACKWARDS in the next patch, therefore we'll have to get used to this. But another thing that will happen are complaints of dueling matches taking too long. Already some matches take forever to complete, with this limited damage factor, matches will be even longer, sorry Jadey, we gotta wait longer in line now. :P

Also, I think now force/saber duels and any force/saber matches will have problems arise due to the 'heal' factor. Since Drain has turned into a very weak force, a player can heal (and due to the limited damage, 100 health will not be taken in 1 hit unless PERFECTLY connected)...they can heal, if they get hit, they run..until force power is back and heal again. This will make the game more unbalanced, and people will be inclined to ultimately play thegame for the guns, rather than the saber.

Like Crucible said, the weakening of the saber is slowly turning this game more into a Quake 3 type of game. I don't know about you guys, but I did not buy this game for the guns.

I don't want to waste time reiteratting or argueing stuff, but I will anyways since I'm bored at work.

This new patch did not balance things, rather it made things more unbalanced. The lunge for one thing, yes it is very strong, but could any decent player say that they can NOT dodge it? Sure, the wait time in the end is kind of a bitch when you die when he's already finished the lunge, but they could have fixed JUST that, right? The only thing bad about the lunge was the fact that it would still hit 100/25 after it has been executed and on the ground. They should havej ust fixed that.

as for the normal heavy mode, without lunge, they handicapp it a LOT due to the beginning/end swing damage loss, since the heavy style swings side ways very slowly. I for one, do not think that the normal heavy mode had any problems, I use it many a time, and I have had medium users come around with precision timing and hit me. What theyhave done is made heavy mode now the weakest style.

And why do they do this? because newbie players want to be able to kill heavy users EVERY time. once they die from it they say it's bull****. that it's all luck, well I can tell you ti isn't luck to use heavy.

Raven started off this game giving us variety in the saber modes (as a change from jk1) now the players are slowly destroying it and limiting everything so that everyone uses THEIR style, since they think THEIR style is the ONLY style. Like I always say, soon Raven will have it so that saber matches you can't move and are put right beside eachother and you stand there looking at eachother until someone dies.

Leave it to the no skill complainers to destroy and limit the game's potential.