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BoBa feTTichiNi
05-09-2002, 07:18 PM
Light Stance

Altough light stance is not very powerful and has short swings you can make that up with its ability for fast attacks and infinite chaining of swings. Randomly chaining attacks is not recommended. I remember one time I was in a duel with a DFA spammer and since his attacks were easy to see coming I decided to fight him in light stance. Basically, the only way to really counter in a no force situation is to get out of the way when using light stance. DFA has a considerable range of damage when the saber is in the ground and it is to hard to get around the buried saber to get a hit in. Now strong stance animations are long so the best time to attack in light stance is when the animation is about to end.
The only way I know of countering DFA with light stance head on, takes considerable timing and patience. To do this move you must know DFA is coming. Using the lunge attack in light stance at the right time and angle can kill your opponent during the DFA animation. When his arms are completely over his head you should be 4 steps back , crouch down and do the lunge attack if done right you will both kinda glitch and your DFA spammer will be dead.

Medium Stance

Medium stance is just as easy to chain but has slower attack, but it makes up with its longer reach and more powerful damage. Many times I have just move out of the way and came to the side and attacked. The easiest way to counter DFA is to get out of the way and counter. Although this is tough with light stance its fairly easy in medium stance. The best way is to take a step back so your just out of reach from the blade, strafe to the right and hit right + attack. This will take some hefty damage off your opponent making him look like a bia bia.

Strong Stance

Easiest way to counter DFA is to fight fire with fire. This is the 2 EASIEST way to counter it

1. Wait for him to do his initial swing that he will follow up with DFA
2. As he is doing his swing you do a back flip and a back swing in the air
3. As he begins the DFA animation you should be in the process of coming down with your back flip/swing
4. Then when you hit the ground you follow up with DFA and kill that bia bia

The second way is using a backwards diagonal slash. To do this move you must absolutely know the safe distance between you and the the buried DFA blade. To do the diagonal slash press ( back + right + attack all at the same time) the animation should be the blade doing a upwards swing and slightly sparking the ground.

1. When the DFA animation begins prepare to do the diagonal slash
2. Right when he hits the ground you should be close to the buried blade.
3. Right when the blade hits the ground begin the diagonal slash as the your diagonal slash touches the ground run into him from a diagonal angle YES INTO THE BLADE and you will do some hefty damage
4. this can also be done with many other slashes including medium slahes

Countering with the force

PUSH- not really a counter but can be used to get him out of the way

PULL- this is what I use for most DFA spammers as the blade buries into the ground wait 1 second then pull him towards you and give him a swift kick to his grill sending his spamming booty to the ground. Then follow up with a nice slash or combo.(make sure not to pull to soon or else youíll pull his dangerous blade into you.

SPEED- Get out of the way

LIGHTINING- Hey just back away and cop him full of a electricity.

GRIP- when the animation is finished it takes some time to recover so grip the mofo make sure to move around so he canít push or pull you. If you stay in one spot its useless unless he is a fortified n00b. When he begins to choke follow up with a hefty strike.


FORCEFIELD Ė put one up it will make the guy look dumb if he runs into it while doing DFA

GRIP AND SENTRY Ė drop a sentry when he does the DFA when his animation is done grip him and let the sentry tare him apart. This is quite a embarrassing way to die and also make sure to keep moving so he canít push or pull.

DETONATOR - Keep running back and throwing grenades that detonate on impact by the time he is on the ground burying his saber he will already be dead.

MINE TRICK- As he is doing the DFA animation run on the side and lay three mines then do a side flip over his head then pull and kick him onto the mines this will kill him instantly and looks very cool. (This takes a lot of timing and hard work)

MINE TRICK # 2- Just run backwards as he is doing the animation and watch the cool fireworks ;p

GUNS IN GENERAL- Just shoot the mofo I especially like using a missile system locking on and then when he stands up after animation letting the missile fly right into his spamming booty

I apologize for not as much thorough information on countering with light and medium, but later on this week me and my friends are going to be up all night figuring out new ways to counter with those particular stances. butabi83@hotmail.com


05-09-2002, 07:55 PM
This is easier:
I have light stance, you spam DFA at me, I wait until you are on the ground, I walk right up next to you (since saber tip does 1 damage), I turn around and backstab you. You die.

Game over.

Lord Chief
05-09-2002, 08:01 PM
Nope davel, the DFA move does full damage when you walk into the saber. Not 5, but full.

Dont know how that is in the new version though.

05-09-2002, 08:29 PM
If there are guns on the server, the best thing to do is fire a rocket at him.

If there are no guns, then you can just step out of the way and kill him.

It seems we've all gotten really good at complaining about DFA, but no one ever thinks to step out of the way.



05-09-2002, 08:40 PM
Even easier: Download 1.03, and you won't have to write an entire guide on protecting yourself from one move.