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05-09-2002, 08:31 PM
Not many of you know me and i don't post here that oftern but here goes :

I'm very disapointed in these people who do not the patch or just simply will not put in the effort to devlope skill with the new patch. Its just like real life, tour nt good at somthing? practice practice practice practice! Thats the only way.

The Patch Address several important issuses that many many people on this board asked for.

Loads of people after the game was released asked for Single Player SP combat or somthing similar as the Mp combat system was 'un realistic'. The new system is a hybrid of the Mp and Sp system, which i think beats the Sp system any day. The styles are equally ballanced and there are ways of countering. The Strong Stance has less power allowing much longer gamplay especially for duels. Medium is a little to weak for my liking but still is better then the light stance. The light stance is very jedi like, it's for all tho's people who think they are real jedi, all the twirls n stuff, very qui gon jin like. Over all the new system has a more realistic approuch to the saber combat and can be compared more to the movies. Just increas Medium Raven and you on toa winner.

The flip kick is a little harder to execuit as it's now a double tap but it gets rid of the anoying feature of when your trying to jump over a lip it does a flip. i'm sure the scripters out there could bind the flip to a key so it is done in one key press. If not then all you have to do is get used to it & ADAPT, not that difficult.

I've seen all the arguments and do not agree with a single one. I just played a few hours of CTF, FFA and TDM and found the new system worked nicly. The n00bs didn't get many kills.

All in all it's just a matter of getting used to it and adapting. If your not willing to do this then as far as i'm concerned i don't give a toss about you. For tho's that have tried and simply don't like it then thats your opinion and i respect that.

Raven has put alot of time and effot into this game, the least the comunity can do is give them a try, instead of playing 5 mins and then coming to this board and ripping it off.


Lord Sokar
05-09-2002, 11:01 PM
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