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05-09-2002, 09:48 PM
Well sometimes the same old FFA gets boring, or the server is nearly empty and its not worth it for 2 people to be playing ctf, so what do you do? Play Minigames!!

My 2 favourites are best done on Ctf_ns_streets but can be done on pretty much any level, firstly im sure most people are familiar with rocket tennis at least in theory

one player grabs the rocket launcher, the other play sets himself up at a distance and taunts when ready. When the rocket is at least halfway between them you push and the other player tries to push it back, if it goes past you or explodes without you pushing it your opponent gets a point, best 2 of 3. The game is won instantly if you kill your opponent with the pushed rocket.

A game that i thought up on ctf streets is thermal darts - as many people as want to play grab a belt of detonators then assemble at one of the bases, on the upper walkway just a little bit past the glass tunnel (if you go to the pad where the rocket launcher is, then walk past the glass tunnel on your left just a little bit that should be sufficient) . Each player takes a turn at throwing an impact detonator (ie alt-fire thermal detonator) then force push it in midair with the aim being to hit the big imperial/rebel logo at the far end of the base. It can be done paralell with the glass tunnel but its considerably harder. It helps to have people take turns at being judge down the far end to call whats a hit and what isnt (generally i say inside the outer ring of the imperial wheel or inside the ring of stars on the rebel insignia) . You get a bonus point if you kill the judge :D :D :D

so has anyone else thought up games like this? (btw you can do rocket tennis with a bowcaster too but the bolt moves considerably faster)

05-09-2002, 09:53 PM
Push wars; people use their sabers very rarely, and just try to push/grip eachother off edges continously.

Oh wait, that happens every time I play ns_streets. Still fun, though.