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CriP Skywalker
05-09-2002, 10:27 PM
I was waiting till I played the patch for a couple of days before I post and all I have to say to Raven is thank you!

I use to be a strong stance hoe before the patch, now I use ALL stances depending on the situation. cg_dismember 100 and g_dismember 3 ownz all!!!! Toning down alt fire ammo and slowing down player speed when gripping someone feels right.

I use the darkside and I feel the drain/grip was not to drastically changed.

The best thing about the patch is the new single player style of saber combat added to multi player. The combat system is pretty deep for a FPS. JK2 can damn near be the Street Fighter of first person shooters if it keeps up in this direction.

Thank you for making JK2 my favorite DM game.

The only thing that is stopping this game from being perfect is Models. Need more official Jedi/Dark Jedi/Bounty hunter type models BAD!!!!!! MACE WINDO! AOTC OBI!!! CRIMSON GUARD!!! Vader!!!

Once again, thanks for the great work on the patch, Raven. Keep up the great work.