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05-09-2002, 11:31 PM
Ahh, playing with the new (and GOOD, might i add) 1.03 patch, i realized how much more competitive the game has been...people who run randomly into crowds and swing now get blocked and cut down...me personally, i just got out of a ffa game where i had 7 points, in a game to 30, but it was still fun...i normally came out with an extreamly high score because sabers were infallable, and no one could escape the dreaded heavy stance, but thank god raven released a patch that actually balanced the game

and to you people who still say the patch sucked, bla bla bla, keep in mind, you were probably so cheap, that you forced raven to change the game to fit the patch...if they had people test it to see what the game needed, and saw a game full of dfa spammers, then hey, maybe they thought to make it less powerful...if they went to a game full of drain and heal monkeys, then they decided to make it do less...think how the patch makes it feel better when you win, because you won like a jedi, and you were NOT unblockable, and you simply outskilled the opponent...Raven did an exellent job on this patch

Space Monkey


05-09-2002, 11:42 PM

what he said^^^^^:D

hit it right on the head there....:cool:

have managed to stay out of this insanity so far...

thought nothing could out do the pre-release berserk crazys.... thought wrong:D

waiting for it to settle down here, then i will be back...:cool:

hehi'll be back!