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05-10-2002, 01:46 AM
it's really easy to do. it's best used after you've been killed. it's called the whine, or the bitch, and there's no counter for it because responding to it only lowers you to the whiner's (or bitcher's) level.


never say gf at the end of a duel, and only be gracious if you win (you don't even have to be nice then). if your opponent is victorious and has the nerve to say "GF", remind him it wasn't, because he has no skill and he somehow exploited the game to beat you. exploits include: the DFA (even though its fixed)the backstab, throwing sabers, using the force, using the strong-stance, using the blue stance, chaining moves in the yellow stance, rolling, jumping, wall-walk, the forward lunge... basically anything that leads to your defeat. the key thing to remember is even though you lost, you are clearly more "skillfull" than him. even if you continue to lose, it's always some kind of an exploit.

if in a FFA, you have your gun pulled from you, whine that the offender is dishonourable for stealing your weapon. if people have the gall to use guns on a board that is saber-only, demand that they "fight like real jedi" and use their saber only. if they respond "well this isn't a saber-only board", it just proves they're not real jedi. don't forget you can whine when people are cheap enough to kill you when your saber is off, this is always acceptable.

you are the only person on the internet who suffers from lag, remind everyone of this regularly. you also love the game so much that even with the worst computer, it's no problem being the best, and a poor showing is indicative of your hardware, not your skills.

if you never need something to complain about, don't forget to mention the patch (whatever version it's at).

i use this move all the time =P

05-10-2002, 02:32 AM
It's a great move. I use it alot too. Or would like to.

There's something plaging when you work hard and do good and people line up to duel you, from the constant battles you have a mere 100 health and someone challeneges you with 100 health 200 shields and wait... they have bacta too. overall their hp is a whopping 400 and yours is only 100. And best yet they know you bow before a battle so lets switch to heavy and drill him one when hes down.

I always say GF after a battle whether I agreee or not. But I can see why someone would choose to stay silent or point out something like that. If you want to be cheap be prepared to get flamed every once and awhile.

Not to say everyone is cheap, but some people, you know who you are can be at times. And if they didn't deserve a victory due to something like that then I wouldn't mind if someone voiced it.

If you were to attack someone who was bowing, you wouldn't honestly stand there and think you won because your the better fighter. Is it that shocking if someone points it out aswell.

Anyways this only applies to a select few for the majority of the duels I fight I'd have to say they are incredibly enjoyable, most people are very honorable and fight that way making the game enjoyable for everyone. I look forward to finding that perfect match when I join a server someone who isn't too good for me and I'm not too good for them. Just have some real fun and remmeber it's just a game.