View Full Version : An ultimate solution for the VooDoo 5 owners

Damar Stiehl
05-10-2002, 12:37 PM
This is for those who just bought JKII and are getting as frustrated as I was with it humbling the lower-end Voodoo5 equipped system. I am assuming that this will work for 90% of people with VooDoo 5500, as it worked for me last night on a substandard machine:

Pentium II 450
192 MB RAM
VooDoo 5500

Lousy machine as you can see, but I am now running JK2 at 1024x768 with everything turned on except Very High details and volumetric shadows. The game runs MUCH BETTER than it did prior to implementing the solution.

1. Download and install Wicked3D from www.wicked3d.com. Get evaluation version, the only difference is a small blurb that you'll have to dismiss every time you start your game.

2. Open Wicked3D and go to control panel. Select "Compress All SuitableTextures for All Applications" in Texture Compression mode dropbox, and set Compressed Textures Cache to 32MB.

3. Find the file jk2sp.exe and rename it to quake3.exe.

4. Go back to Wicked3D and point it at your JK2 folder. Install WickedGL with high resolution acceleration.

5. Rename quake3.exe back to jk2sp.exe.

6. Start JK2 and bump up the resolution to 1024x768.

This gives you a CONSIDERABLE boost in frame rates. For the first time since getting the game I was able to be in the open-air areas with a number of enemies (such as the initial assault on Keijim) or with effects going on (like the prison planet level) with excellent framerates AND great detail level.

Good luck.