View Full Version : The "meat of the swing." problem maybe?

05-10-2002, 01:13 PM
ok so The "meat" of your swing now does the most damage. But i have a question, especially about heavy swings.

Alot of them are over head attack and over head diagonal swings and underhand diag swings. Sure you have the left and right and the spin attacks, but those are very much blockable.

My question is that with these over head swings and diagonal ones...it seems that due to saber swing timing the meat of the attack tends to be more way up in the air, or way down at your feet depending on which swing...WHICH in tern would mean a person would have to be practically directly touching your player in order to hit with this "meat" of the swing.(especially with heavy downward swing.)

Why do i think this. Well lets take this. There used to be a time where 1 downward swing was completely devastatin. You know the people that ran backwards or forwards and tried to catch you open with that one swing.(hey at least they werent DFA'ing)

Well now that you can link two!!!(2!!!) over head swings, i still cannot for the life of me even kill a newly spawned person whose just idle(yea so its not kosher but its a good testing system) And let me tell you Its hard if not Impossible to hit with the "meat of the wing" in heavy. 1 downward strike in 1.02 would have left him with maybe 20 health, and if you got the second one in it was no contest.

Now from behind i can link 2 downward swings and barely give them a scratch....

As much as you say you didnt change things around, they got changed whether by accident or whatnot.

Damage in jk2 has been greatly changed and you cannot deny it.

The patch is great but you have to find a new equilibrium between blocking and damage.

Right now in heavy i can take people on 3-1 for 60+ seconds, and they have a hard time killing me, and well i go swinging full force into them and i dont even get close to killing them either.

Thats just not right.

05-10-2002, 01:46 PM
anyone agree, disagree? think im lame flamer gamer?

05-10-2002, 02:10 PM
I agree, the damagesystem is totally f.ucked up with 1.03.

And before any flamer comes to flame me, let me say this..

In the Star War movies, if a jedi, sith or anyone else was hit by a lightsaber. They either died or was seriously wounded. With the 1.03 patch, players can shrug off a heavystance hit on the chest as a minor annoyance....

05-10-2002, 03:15 PM
im glad they did what the did jk2 is alot cooler now..but they gatta go back and tweak what i think they did not test thourougly.