View Full Version : This game is great!

05-10-2002, 09:18 PM
Newbie here, hello...

I haven't patched the game because I haven't played it online yet. I'm going through the single player first, then when I get bored with MOHAA online, I'll have to patch to play this online.

But... this argument about patch good vs patch bad, blah blah blah, this is the same argument I see in every game. I play Madden2002 online in a league, people love it or hate it. HighHeat Baseball. MOHAA. Same thing with every game. Some people like a game the way it is, hate it when it's changed (patched). Other's don't like the game, but love it when it IS changed. But to come to a forum that's supposed to about discussing the game, and see 75% of the posts either complaining about the patch, or complaining about those who complain about the patch.... urgh! Makes you wanto to go find another forum (but they're probably posting the same useless BS).

Have all the good topics been discussed already?

Tell you what I like about the game....
- I love the Star Wars series, particularly the Jedi, ergo my attraction to this game
- I love being able to walk (not run, but walk because I feel cooler) up to trooper and then force push them into a wall
- I love a game where I can use the light saber, not as an interesting weapon, but the main weapon to use (as it should be with any Jedi game)
- I like it when someone I work with pisses me off and I wish I had forcepush powers in real life...lol

My point is this game is great. If you don't like the patch, well sorry you don't like the patch. If you love the patch, great, but I hope patch 1.04 doesn't ruin it for you. But all in all, this is an awesome game... just some people take it a little too seriously (writing a script to try to crash servers?!? That person needs to go outside once in a while)