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05-11-2002, 04:24 AM
Hi I am totally new to the forums and I just wanted to give everyone a good chance to flame me for giving my opinion so here goes lol.

The new patch should have been done more moderately. I still have no problem accumulating wins but there are some inconsistencies which caused me to go back to the original game. I know some like the patched game and their opinion is valid too from their perspective but I used to "whine" if u will about moves like the heavy one hit and the pull/flip kick combo and such but then i decided to learn the moves and the countering of those moves. After getting my arse kicked for a bit i began to kick arse myself and things were golden again.

Then the patch came out. I dled it and played it consistently since it was released. Suddenly i had ppl backing up to me while mashing the attack in light stance. The moves and techniques i worked hard to learn were useless and the game devolved into holding down the attack button and running around your opponent hoping for the best. While I did still do a lot of arse kicking once I got used to it, the fights were drawn out and I just didnt feel as if i was enjoying myself like I used to. It used to be that u developed finely tuned techniques for attack and defence. I never found a single move that didnt have a countermove. Now is the time for people who dont want to bother developing good attack techniques and finding countermoves for those moves that seemed to make so many ppl angry (including me when i was new at the game).

I probably missed details that I cant think of at the moment but I will add more if requested or questioned about it.

this is an edit: One of my guildmates left a good post about things supporting the patch and played devil's advocate with my responce. Here is his post and what I responded with:

his responce:
the patched version is just fine. they took the single player way of saber fighting and made it the multiplayer way. they balanced out the 3 stances. I got tired of seeing people running around with red stance on and swinging at air. that is what it got down to. Now they actually have meet each other head on. and the DFA is better now too. you can still do the one hit kill but now you can't cheat and do it. (you can't turn in mid air and the very end of the swing will not instantly kill you either) so you can run up and hack away at the idiot who wants to do that. and for the saber throw in nf games i like it. i like playing with no force and just saber throw. plus if you want to turn it off and go back to the "old" way all you have to do is disable force then no one can use saber throw or any other force power. so that is simple. but most of all i like the new saber style, it takes more cunning and the fights look cool again. the fights look the way they did when everyone had the warez version of the game and didn't know there was a red stance. and believe me battles can still be won rather quickly. now i like the strategy of having the stance button close to you so you can change stances mid fight and actually put some strategy into the game. i'm not going back to the first patch. I like the new one. It just takes some getting used to. I really like the new off balance thing because now sabers are actually clashing. i mean before the patch if you blocked a saber swing from the left you would just sit there. now if you block it and the swing had any force behind it it is gonna throw you off balance for a split second and open you up for an attack. So i think its pretty cool.

my responce:
you have some good points if u dont mind i will try to make opposing views to keep the discussion alive as everyone seems to be lacking in content with their answers ;)

-balancing out the sabers seems to mean that they take away from the original intent of the saber styles. now they seem to just blend together and their might as well be just one style. it was the differences between the styles that gave u such a wider array of techniques and attacks to choose from.

-seeing ppl run around using red all the time is a good point I saw it too, but in the movies not a single attack was random like it is when patched ppl come head to head. I dont think it is possible to make the sp effect as enjoyable because of the faster paced nature of mp combat. Now u cant get in those precision attacks that can take down your enemy and their isnt as much strategy and thinking involved. dont get me wrong ppl who think the patch allows them to rush in swinging and hope to win everytime are just deluding themselves, but the ... tactical value? of the game is less now.

-I agree with the DFA comment too many ppl were using it as their only attack, but at the same time I would have taken a middle ground allowing maybe a 45 degree alteration in facing at most while in the air(which is realistic where the force is concerned) and no facing change when touching down. I never had trouble defeating DFA really but now its replaced with the backwards stab which is worse. now u see ppl using just light stance and running around backwards all the time while mashing the attack button.

-u can actually use saber throw when force is disabled u just take points off saber attack and put it into throw. saber throw is kinda cool to have in nf game but is it realistic to a "no force" game? (gettin nit-picky here i know lol)

-i dont understand your reference to the stance button close to you mine is right on my mouse. i think i need clarification on that one. i used all three stances in fights pre patch and post patch there is no point because the other stances just like medium only faster or slower.

-i agree wholeheartedly with the off balance thing that is just cool :)


Again this isnt an attack or anything I am just stating my opinion. let the flaming begin :rolleyes: