View Full Version : throw fest

05-11-2002, 09:23 AM
maybe it's just the servers i go on to, but the force throw on duels is getting on my nerves.
throw, throw, throw, dead! wow, great fun NOT!!!!!
and yes im moaning but i could'nt give a toss. people are whoring the move all the time. i think force throw should use the magority of your force power to stop ppl using THE cheap move all the time.

and another thing. :-)

why oh why is it that most of the time when someone throws a saber i get hit by it, even if im not taking a swing. then there are other times that the saber goes past you and comes back through you and i dont get hit.. even tho it came from behind. WTF!!
and b4 you start flamming, i aint a f**kin nooB.
this is really pi**ing me off
anyone else pissed with the whoring that goes on!