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05-11-2002, 10:24 AM
Ok I am going toi give my honest opinion on JK 2 compared to the former DF's. I think it is about time.

I know many of you say that JK 2 is the best one in the DF series but to give my honest opinion, it is NOT. I'll begin with the characters. To start Kyle Katarn never sounded worse in his pixelated life. Raven could have deffinatly done better in that area, why not just rehire the guy who did Kyle in JK? Also Desann, in full honsty I would rather not fight Barney's evil "brotha". Also to make a note on people who think Katarn is "just a guy with a lightsaber" he says that to 1. Not attract attention which he fails in doing anyway 2. He considers himself a failure. To keep this post short I'll move on to weapons. All the player favorites from Jedi Knight have been either completely removed or modified. The Bryar pistol has been made wayyy too weak considering in the movies it takes one shot with a small blaster to kill a stormtrooper and they dont have to waste time charging up. The Stormtrooper rifle, yes I know you can use the original "primary fire" by using secondary but placing in slow shooting shots was pointless you got to admit. The Imperial Repeater, at least the primary fire was left alone but now the thing is a "portable nuke" so to speak with that explosive secondary fire, what happened to the three shot secondary? The Rail Detonator, I know that was new in JK but people loved it. Now it is replaced with some slow RPG. The all time favorite of many concussion rifle, personally to be honest I didnt mind much at first considering it was the cheapest weapon in the game but with the new guns they might have been better off just keeping it, then again who knows what Raven would have modified in it. Lightsaber is fine, the only weapon modification I myself found superior over JK. I think I've criticized the weapons enough time for the levels. It seems like Raven ran out of ideas in this department, giving the player random tasks in cities and swamps that span usauly about two to four levels of seeing the same thing over and over. Nar Shadda was the biggest sighting of this, Lando keeps giving Katarn random and ridiculous tasks in order to keep the player busy and made it seem like a long game. To be honest, they could have done better. Time for cutscenes, I know many people think that the cutscenes in JK2 are better than JK but the acting in JK was not that bad, the actor's were NOT inexperienced either several of the cast including the actor who did Jerec guest starred in many TV shows and movies. I found the movie scenes to be a lot better than game models running around doing embarassing actions with their limited flexibility.

Overall don't get me wrong JK II is a good game in it's own right it just does not live up to the originals. Yes I know it has many death animations compared to JK and the model system is done a lot better but I dont go for graphics I go for gameplay. To me the "latest" is not always the "greatest". So there you have MY opinion, post yours if you want, I am interested in the extended opinions of you all. I'll give it my own gamespot style rating of 0.0-10.0.


05-11-2002, 11:04 AM
It used to take 3 shots from the blaster to kill a stormtrooper in jk1. How raven have crippled it, though, is to make the speed the laser bolts travel about 4 times slower.

05-11-2002, 11:23 AM
What are these "weapons" you speak of? Heh, I only use the lightsabre....I noticed that I mastered the bryar and the storm trooper blaster on the first 4 levels, and then I went completely onto the lightsabre, and lost all contact with the weapons (cept when I had to snipe). So when I came to the swamp level, I wanted to use weapons again, because my graph card is weak and it twitches a lot on that level. I realised I CAN'T use the weapons at all anymore. I said to myself that I am a true jedi, rather than a stupid idiot who forgot how to use the wps :p.....