View Full Version : Saber Attack and hit%

05-11-2002, 06:00 PM
well after playing a little with the new patch, i have decided that the heavy stance is all but useless to me now - i never used DFA unless there was some DFA hopper on the server, but i did like the long range and high damage.

Now with the super blocking, I leave myself open and exposed for a second, with a slower moving rate while doing the move, only to have the other guy block my attack (and not have thier saber knocked aside as prefiously).

Anyway - I'm thinking of taking a star away from saber attack, which will remove the heavy stance from my use, but will give me 8 (i think) points for other powers.

Will removing a point from saber attack effect my blue and yellow stances at all? Being LS I use my saber to kill while using the force to keep me alive, and since it hard enought t oscore a clean hit I dont want ot make it harder on myself.

05-11-2002, 08:05 PM
I like red-stance now and use it quite often to sneak in a heavy smack-down.

It is no longer the uber stance but more challenging and fun with the combos.

It also breaks through the new Block system when used effectively.