View Full Version : Interesting poll

05-11-2002, 08:52 PM
I think it's interesting that the poll asking about the 1.03 patch shows that most people either think it needs a bit of modification or is otherwise perfect (so far at least anyway). I guess that this shows it is mainly the small but vocal part of the community that is saying

1 H8 TH15 P47CH 1T5 ST00P1D.

I don't mind people not liking the patch (hey, I'm not going to judge on preferences), but why is it that most people who do post about disliking it don't at least try to do so in a constructive manner (after all, you'll probably get a lot farther in having things changed). It's not as if Raven is personnaly making it their business to offend you or anything. They're just trying to do what the community wants and balance any unbalanced issues. Personnaly, I thought the game was fine before, and it seems fine now.

BTW Yoda prevailing in a FFA match? Am I the only one that's confused?:yoda: