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05-12-2002, 08:09 AM
Hi everyone,

first of all I gotta say, that Iīm one of those guys who strive for stylish fights. I donīt really look for pure efficiency but want to make it look cool. JKII has great potential, but there are a few things which bother me considering duels:

* as it is now, many fights are just "hitting the fire button while rushing at the enemy straving from time to time". There is no real sequence in a fight, both players just attack and at the same time try to dodge the enemyīs strikes.
I would like to see one player starting an attack-sequence while the other player tries to block. This goes on until

a) the attacking player has finished his combo
b) the defending player finds some time to dodge (roll away, etc) due to a slight hesitation/mistake of the attacking player
c) the defending player has the chance to counterattack due to a slight hesitation/mistake of the attacking player
d) there is a saber-lock

*the blocking could be altered, so the blocking arc is smaller, but also the probability of blocking should be sth. like 100% when the saber is positioned correctly. This would make blocking not too easy, as youīd have to position your saber correctly to parry, but in experienced hands this could become very powerful.
In addition to that the saberdamage better be drastically increased, 2 medium hits should always be enough to take someone down.

*Backpedalling should be slower than normal running and your overall speed should be reduced significantly while attacking/parrying to actually get a Melee-Combat situation. Itīs just too much running about and slicing up the air for my liking. Imagine it: When you are busy blocking the incoming strikes you ainīt exactly able to run like mad - neither is the attacker...
But then again thatīs just my opinion.

Now I see that these changes are impractical for any other gamemode than Duel, but how to find a nice balance of realistic combat-simulation and fast paced action shooter?

What are your opinions about this?

Flame on

PS: Excuse my bad English

05-12-2002, 10:08 AM

I guess you can delete this thread moderators *g*

05-12-2002, 10:40 AM
I agree, the new system is good for duels where both players play good...

But its horrible when you meet an opponent who just twirls around like a mad man. 1 on 1 on an open map you can always beat the twirler, but in a FFA game where five players meet up in a hallway and twirls around, you just can't kill them any other way than to twirl around yourself... And thats not very fun IMO. Not even the cheesy heavy-stance-backswing works since they never stand still, they just run around in circles, spinning like maniacs...

But it seems like a lot of players like the new saber fights, so I guess there is some counter to the FFA twirlers.. care to let me know? ;)