View Full Version : Reliable counters?

05-12-2002, 01:30 PM
Ok, just got done with a FFA game where I placed 3rd out of 15. All in all not to bad however I noticed that the two people who scored higher than me were constantly using pull + lightstance backstab when their victem is on the ground. I fell to it a couple times and there was just a wee bit too much confusion with all the headless chickens spinning around to try an develope a counter on the spot so I'am wondering if anyone has come up with an effective way to counter this? I did try using absord but that just meant they'd wait till my force power ran out (testing every now and then with a pull) or that they would swap to kicking instead of pulling (anything that gets you on the ground). Dodging/straffing was semi-effective but not very reliable in it's use as about 50% of the time they'd still get ya.