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Corwyn Solaris
05-12-2002, 09:16 PM
I see mostly two types of people complaining about the patch: the cheap fighters who are upset that they have a harder time doing DFA, and the duelists who spent a lot of time learning the saber techniques and now have to relearn everything.
I was part of ther latter for about a day. I hated that I had to relearn the fine art of saber dueling. After I was done whining however, I started learning the new techniques and have found that I like the new saber styles.
I hear people complaining that backstab is cheap, well yes it is, but it isn't as unblockable as people like to think it is, and its slow. Just move out of the way.
I also hear people talking about how now the newbie players can fight in blue stance and just hold down the attack. Well they can, but if your patient, just change your stance to red or yellow and don't attack. Sooner or later your parry will knock their saber wide and you can counterattack. All it takes is patience.
All in all, I realy like the new patch, my actual complaints with it are few but I'll address them anyways.
First, in free for all, the duels take a bit longer now, which means waiting around for everyone to finish. I'd like to see support to allow more then one dual at a time.
Secondly, the new jumpkick is kinda a pain ta use. On a server with any lag, it's nearly impossible to pull off, and it is impossible agaisnt a cropuching opponent.
Anyways, I still give the patch a thumbs up even with its flaws. I mean, I'm sure they will address some of these in a lter patch

Lord Sokar
05-12-2002, 09:25 PM
Really, wtf gives? You guys can call it 'whining' all you want to. Go ahead, knock yourselves out. It isn't whining my friend, it's called complaining. There is a good chance that someone that has something to do with this crap is reading these threads, and I want them to know my opinion.

I am a consumer, one that is likely to purchase another Raven product. Do you guys want me to buy Elite Force II? I bet you do. Tell me why I should have the slightest confidence in your company if you don't have faith in the original product? And, let's be honest, it IS a total change in what we bought and enjoyed.

What you call whining, I call complaining.

Rejoice nOObs! This patch is for YOU!

Lord Sokar
05-12-2002, 09:29 PM
Oh, and one more thing.

Wasn't there a reason in the begnining why SP and MP saber control was different? Why is that? Probably because the MP saber control was much more efficient.

So efficient that, if you're dueling someone and you fuk up, you can very likely die by a single hit. Shouldn't it be that way? If you're battling someone and you swing to the right early while someone is advancing on you and you've left your left side open, you should die!

But not anymore! Just chill and let the auto-block take care of you!

Rejoice nOObs! This patch is for YOU!