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05-13-2002, 12:58 AM
Well maybe not, but i just got the demo, and WOW, this game doesn't seem to be much different than Jedi Knight (hence a tad 'more of the same', as people have been telling me) ,but it's incredibly fun, i haven't been so exited about a game since a long time.

The duel at the end of the game has been keeping me in front of the screen for 2 hours, and i still want more :).

There a few questions i want to ask before i buy the game :

1)Are there any collection editions out there left ?!? I've been told there's the full version of Dark Forces and Jedi Knight (and i hope Mistirious of Sith ) inside ,and i would really like to get those.

2)How do you avoid saber gripping exactly ?!? The only way i've found is to click the mouse button very fast (witch i'm not willing to do often as it works only if you press it REALLY fast ) ,and right afterwards the dark jedi gets inside my defences somehow and drop my n00b butt to the ground.

3)Is there a future for first person saber combat ?!?

I know the game it's supposed to be played in third person, but i just love imagine myself being a jedi, looking throught my own eyes.

The duel isn't any harder than in third person (it's even better actually as i'm more used to it) ,but i wander what would happen to me in a DM fight :)

4)How do you controll the fight dynamics ?!? So far everything has been rather random and my victories (as well as the enemies) are mostly based on luck ,whitch is irritating as i constantly die instantly and without warning. (I'm playing at the maximum difficoulty thought, i'm thinking to go hard next time).

05-13-2002, 01:43 AM
Firstly, welcome to the foru... *checks join date* ...community... ;) ...Enjoy your stay here :)

Secondly -

The demo is good, isn't it? :D
The full game shouldn't disappoint ;)

Now to your Qs...

1) Dunno if there are any left (I expect so, though...) and they don't come with Mysteries of the Sith - just DF and DFII:JK (as if that wasn't enough! :D ...BTW - You can probably pick up MotS fairly cheap at your local EB)

2) You mean locking/clashing? If so, then AFAIK there's only two ways - one of which you've already found - the other is to use Force Push to try to break the lock...

3) Yes! :p ...And if not, the Attack of the Clobes Total Conversion (http://www.28alpha.org.uk/aotctc/index.shtml) should bring some interesting saber play... ;)

4) Too much to list... I think the Readme has some info on this (not sure though..) ...and there's the Saber Tactics Guide (http://www.oculis.org/asc), too...

HTH :)