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05-13-2002, 12:47 PM
Okay Okay, I'm sorry for throwing a fit over this patch, and no I'm not thispatchsucks, that's some other dude. Okay let me try and explain why this patch has pissed me off so much. Firstly above all else, I LOVE THIS GAME SOO MUCH !!, when it first came out it was abosultely amazing to me, I played for countless hours, I was seriously lost in it's universe and it left a mark on me no game has ever done before. As you can guess it's pretty much my favourite game of all time online. Now with the release of the patch changed alot of things for me, it became a huge contrast and it was something I couldnt handle leaving alone. Okay I'm not going to whine and bitch about it, Ive done that enough and other too, but I will try and offer some constructive critisism.

1. Blocking, blocking, blocking, blocking, it's too much. It's almost unrealistic how much the saber now blocks, from prepatch it was around probably 10% and now it's 90% that's a huge jump and and it makes the game alot less fun now. Reasons, firstly alot of fights take too long almost double the time, I used to wait half the time I do now in duels. Secondly it dosnt offer the satisfaction of landing a beautiful timed skilled hit on your opponent and see him squirm in fear of the next one. It removes alot the tension I would feel against fighting heavy users, knowing that one false move and i'm history and vice versa. That tension that rush is gone now, I really do wish the next patch will adress this issue a great deal.

2. CTF is just dead in my eyes, I'm not even going to bother explaining why just go and play it and you will find out.

3. Backstabing whores, okay it's a real shame comming into a duel with the guy running backwards for most of the time and using lightning, I hate using force in duels it's a rule that I never use force other than throw(which is now heavily abused), and now I dont have a choice really because if I dont then I die. I used to be able to defeat almost anyone using force with the heavy stance, people would heal but I didnt care one good hit and their dead, now that is impossible with heavy so it's a real let down to become a force whore too.

4. The throw is seriously being heavily abused, I was in duel and this happened frequently, people woudl wait for me to attack first and then throw and repeat the same thing over and over again, it's really frustrating and totally makes the gameplay suck.

5. The heavy stance is way too weak now, this has nothing to do with dfa, I never used dfa and never will and I loved people using dfa on me because as soon as they land I could kill them in one go. This is not easy but eventually other the month I built up enough skill to do it almost everytime, so dfa was never a problem for me but rather a welcoming. Now the heavy stance is way to weak especially at the tip, and it gets owned by medium any time.

6. Too much luck to much random hits. It appears that the patch has made the game less skill inclined but rather just luck based, go into duels and your bound to see 2 blue stancers waving around madly without a single thought of anything but the general direction of their opponents, it's really boring to watch.

7. The game is just much more boring now, Okay I realise it has nice flashes and extra eye candy, but that can't replace the feel of the 1.02 saber, I really felt that I actually held a dangerous weapon, not anymore, Damage need to be increased dramatically especially if blocking is to remain at this crazy level.

There are many more points why 1.03 has destroyed gameplay, especially for non force duels. Ok I have to admit some things are better now, but they arent so important, yeah okay we have some bug fixes, new levels, aux sound, okay great that's really nice and thanks raven, but geez the gameplay is gone down a shtload. It's really frustrating seeing something so close to perfection just be thrown out and replaced with a rushed out patch. That is all for now, flame all you want I dont care.

05-13-2002, 01:06 PM
No flame deserved, that was a well written complaint. Good job :-)

05-13-2002, 01:40 PM
I am in the same boat as you.

The time I spent learning timing and technique with strong stance was a huge waste thanks to the new outrageous block code (I thought the advantage of strong stance was its ability to break through weaker stances), the change in how swings are calibrated (all this does is make it easier for people to use the one hit backstab kill) and the damage reduction (higher damage was suppose to be another benefit of learning the slow and cumbersome strong stance).

We haven't been left with many options. Either go back to 1.02 and miss some of the awesome changes in 1.03, quit playing or master the art of backstabbing.

05-13-2002, 02:03 PM
Heavy stance does break through light stance blocking sometimes. I've noticed that I have to be extremely carefull when playing against heavy stancers.

05-13-2002, 03:28 PM
I agree with some of what you say e.g. Backstabbing now rampant because everyone has given up the DFA(although personnaly I still like the game patched). What's good though is that the DFA isn't going to be spammed anymore, drain isn't as devastating as it used to be, and absorb can now be used more tactically. Personnaly, CTF is still my favourite game mode (even with the patch). I honestly am not sure why it doesn't cut it for you anymore. Being on a dial up connection I don't make a very good skirmisher, but I still manage to get my fair share of flag caps.

Still, I'm glad that you're now giving your arguments in a constructive manner, and that means far fewer flame wars. If you can voice your arguments in a sensible manner like this, then I'm sure people will be more likely to support you, and Raven may correct at least some of the problems you're addressing.

In any case, keep trying at this new system. You might learn to like it (although I can still see where you're argument is coming from about the feel of the Saber being changed).