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05-13-2002, 02:49 PM
I think that in this patch there are too many things that doesnt propely work!

_People didnt like the Smash, an istant unblocking shot able to kill with 1 hit!.. and now we have backstabs and backrolls... able to kill FASTER then smash!

_Blocking enemy shots was a strategy, a skill, u were able to put your lightsaber vs the enemy one to block the shot!, right now ALL shots can be blocked and it's almost impossibile to find a right scheme to plan a form, couse all attack are just randoms, they hit randomly and they do damage randomly!
I tested 2 orizontal red chop, vs a standing target!
FIRST SHOT : 80 damage
SECONDO SHOT : 25 damage
( same conditions in both the shots , why 2 different damages? )
I remember in last patch strategy like " crouching making yellow, then jumping and 2 fast blue... well guys it was REALLY millmetric couse crouching means "attack while avoiding an enemy slash"
Now saber just block everytimes, all common shot can be blocked, so people just play using special deadly move and i noticed that there are times where people is ABLE to block also while making a special move, like the ending part of the SMASH!

_Now it's not clear when u damage someone, in last patch i was able to plan a thing like "red - blue - blue " but now, i see people RUSHING wit 10..11..12 blue shots and HITTING everytime and making..5..10..5..10.. and then the enemy react with 2 shots and kill them making 60 and 60!
And there is not a strategy couse u see both players just rushing each others with blue and yellow stance continuesly hitting or missing!


I think the best balance could be this :

u con block ONLY while NOT attacking
Damage can move inside a range, but not the red stance range...50 - 120!!! damn.
Let's put Blue stance 20- 30 but really fast
Yellow stance 30- 50 but middle speed
red stance 50 - 80 but really slow!

the combo are ok , but let people be Slower while moving back, it's unrealistic to see people running back as fast as i'm running forward!

Decrease the special move damage, i can realise that Smash, ( a move so slow to charge, so visible and predictable ) kill istantanely , but not a backward, it's too fast, let it make 50 of damage, as the blue special moves in last patch



I also think that a good think for REAL saber duel could be this, allow a server option able to modify the game adding this things!

Saber throw, u want that? ok but if i shot your saber while coming to me you will LOST IT to the ground

Run consume force! Yep i know that "always runner" will hate me for this but, i noticed that while walking the game improve in realism and combact STRATEGY couse u dont have people charging a red stance and then running as Jordan around you.

Run can be a strategy u can use it to make a fast slash , but not THE MOVE, let be differences between "running" and "walking" combact

If u dont like this, well just let RUNNER do a type of moves different from WALKERS, so u can let the duel be more interesting!

Let also the roll consume force in this options!

I mean a STANDING Jedi is a jedi that is not using anything but for a moment try to imagine a warriro runnin and rolling all the time
1) it's impossibile to duel in this conditions
2) for a moment image this game at HIGH LEVEL COMPETITIONS, what will be the fate of strategy? Just doing the BETTER moves in the SMALLER amount of time.

What are the better moves? running running running and hitting with special moves right now!

So If your aim is to create a Jedi race game, ok u won!
If your aim is to create a Jedi sabercombact simulation, well just let the saber combact be as more similiar as i ( and other people ) said!

Thanks raven =)

05-13-2002, 03:03 PM

Learn to play.

05-13-2002, 03:56 PM
LOL, learn to play? who r u =) the first idiot who consider himself the best saberist and say " ahhh what did u say, the patch is perfect, no problems, learn to play u lammah"

But please, i'm here to show what is getting wrong in the patch as MANY players did before me!

I crush u with and without the patch and i dont really need to "LEARN to play"... belive me!

The fact that i dont like some of 1.03 things doesnt means that i DONT do that or I'm not able to use!

It' mean i use them quite well but i dont think it'a balanced and interesting way to play the game!

05-13-2002, 04:10 PM
Maybe you don't need to learn to play...

But you do need to learn to spell! :D

Oh and one other thing,


I think this site needs to start its own forum just for these people...sheesh

Trahern Valley
05-13-2002, 04:23 PM
In an attempt to produce some constructive crit without smilies playing violins at me, I would like to question the inclusion of saber locks in multiplayer. Assuming both players are bashing at their Ctrl key, it's unlikely that one shall overpower the other unless their attack ratings are different. I'm assuming this is an unlikely eventuality, of course...

Spider AL
05-13-2002, 04:32 PM
But you do need to learn to spell!

English may not be his first language friend, so get off your high-horse.

In fact, even if English WERE his first language, he's still less insulting, and makes more constructive sense in one post than yourself or Zek have done over the entire last week.

You may well be happy with the patch... (That is, until you meet someone like me on a server, get your rear-end handed to you and summarily declare "Th1s g@m3 is s00 unb@lanced man, teh sab0rz shoold beh m0re p0w3erf00l!!!11") but others may not share your views. Take care of yourself. And each other. Kthxbye.

Lord Sokar
05-13-2002, 05:52 PM
WTF is up with the spelling police? Is that what you pro-patchers have been reduced to?

People think that anti-patchers are absolutely out of control on this board, yet it seems more and more that the pro-patchers are lowering themselves to frothing-at-the-mouth psychos who are coming apart at the seams because someone doesn't share their view.

So... you guys are really enjoying your first tastes of victory and don't want our complaints to take it all away, right? Seems to me, you're in the wrong place. If the game is so goddamn fantastic now, why are you here instead of playing?

Rejoice nOObs! This patch is for YOU!