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05-13-2002, 03:05 PM
I read a post saying that One shot should kill. I agree totally. I am so tired of fighting somebody and getting a few hits and almost about to kill them when out of nowhere someone else comes and takes my kill.

Also, for a more important reason, all too often duels turn into rapid clicking of the mouse or just plain holding the fire button. This involves no skill whatsoever, as when I get killed, It was just pure luck, and when I kill someone I dont know how I did it. This was one of the complaints in the PC Gamer Review of JK2.

I think some serious consideration should be taken to the first idea of one shot kills. Although, obviously a stab at the toes should not kill but anything in the chest or head should be instant death. :amidala:

I love the idea of lightsaber combat, it is the best feature of the game as far as im concerned. However requiring multiple hits and thus rapid mouse clicking takes away the skill side of combat.

What do you think?


05-13-2002, 04:21 PM
Skill is still needed.
If you have seen people winning every time by just flailing around and slashing at random, then you havent been playing with good players.

Since you cant kill with one hit every time, (unless you spam one of 2 moves over and over) it takes a lot of tactics and strategy and timing and skill to win. You have to change your approach depending on how the other guy is attacking. A guy flailing around like a maniac is easy to beat. Its a lot of fun fighting someone who is good.

To your other point:

Maybe there should be more one hit kills. But if there are going to be one hit kills then EVERY decent hit needs to kill. Not just some slowmo DFA or back stab.

Bugs me that i can do a solid horizontal slash across a guys torso and it doesnt kill him, but he can do a DFA and get a one shot kill easy.

I like sabre combat the way it is. But if it is to change they need to either remove one shot kills entirely, or make every decent hit be a killer, as it would be if lightsabers were real.

05-13-2002, 05:10 PM
im sure we all want it to be as realistic to saber combat as possible.. but as it is we have 2 one hit kill moves( backstab and sweep) that people are spamming all over.

every saber hit should not kill, if you chop them in half or thrust it in.. then yeah your gone, but if you graze his arm im sure hes not gonna die. there has to be a range of damage.