View Full Version : A solution to 1.03

05-13-2002, 07:31 PM
edit dismemberment a little bit i think it's a console command make it a tiny bit more easy to do....for example dismebment moves that always dismember if they hit..if they do not hit..your open to attack for a few seconds completely open or they must be done after a combo to advoid spamming...duels would be more violent but more fun..gun solution..make all projectiles push vunable..flakk cannon..red balls of death should be pushable...instead of nerfing forces make them cost more...if it took all your points just for drain it better heal you well..because that all the power you get on jedi knight severs...feel free to flame ...but i think any one of thease chnages would make jedi knight feel alot more like most of us want it to feel