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05-13-2002, 08:17 PM
The recent release of 1.03 patch has put me off from playing Jedi Outcast ever since the many attempts to "practice" with it (Speaking from a NF server duelist perspective) It seems now that the game has come down to tedious saber throwing and/or rushing your opponent with blue/yellow stance. There are several incidents that I can recall where the opponent would do nothing but saber throw. As from reading a recent post by someone at Raven, it appears this is just a glitch of some kind with server settings. Still though, this should be cleared up in the next patch release.

The other type of combat seems to be intense rushing from both players until eventually one gets a hit/kill in. In 1.02, the NF duels relied heavily on timing attacks and positioning yourself correctly to get an occasional block. In short though, SP code in MP looks better on paper (or in the former forum complaints ;) ) than it does in reality.

However, there is some credit that should be given to the recent patch:
4 New maps, thatís just plain cool.
DFA has been modify to prevent those funky kills you would get here and there.
Icons - Nothing to brag about but a nice addition
A bit questionable, but the "fix" of swings and how much they do depending on the state of the
animation. ("Lightsabers will do less damage at the very start and very end of a swing. This should prevent kills from just touching an opponent with the tip of your lightsaber")
The misc. bug fixes, always welcomed.

From what I have seen, there seems to be people who outrightly support the 1.03 completely, and then there are those who want 1.02 back... completely. Personally, I would prefer the additions/bug fixes that were in 1.03 but still have type of combat found in 1.02.

With that, I think the majority would be happy. 'Cause right now, Jedi Outcast isn't what it use to be: A very fun, addicting game that I could play for hours. It just seems like a game of "rolling dice." (From what I have seen a few others say)

Apologies for the somewhat random and disorganize thoughts post but its all just my opinion. :D

...And just for the record, I never ever used DFA. I'm a strict medium/yellow stance user...only using red stance (Never DFA though) for kicks or as a last resort tactic when at 5hp. ;) So please keep out the, "Your a Whining DFA'er who misses his newbie moves!!!!" nonsense. Thanks. :cool:

05-13-2002, 08:30 PM
I think the SP saber blocking in multiplayer is better in reality than it looked on paper. Don't try to put it off as a fact that it sucks; I've played it extensively, and it takes way more skill than the old system.