View Full Version : No explosions?

05-14-2002, 01:36 AM
Alright, well when I play JKII single player, trip mines dont explode, they just disappear, and apparently, as my brother who has this game on his computer, has told me, at the point wheres theres a big reactor on the second level which you have to activate by pressing to switches, and **** blows up...there are lasewrs he tells me, and I dont see no lasers, Ive tried just about everything, Ive updated my GeForce2 drivers, Ive screwed with video settings, and nothing seems to work, HELP PLEASE!

*Update: I tried that already, thanks though. And can someone please check this out, its really pissing me off, mulitplayer seems to work fine, but also in SP cinematics I can see the back of their heads through their dismembered faces...wierd.

05-14-2002, 12:09 PM
All I can think of is setting r_dynamiclight to 1.

05-16-2002, 03:19 AM
This is the first time posting to a forum..so hang in there.

I think all of the lock ups are do to a video/sound driver conflict. My rig locks up right after the first cut sceen. After reading most of the bazillion posts on this thread I tried an experiment. I disabled my sound card, which is an Aureal V2 based POS. I know..get off my J. After Disable..brand new, no lock ups. Imagine that. So what does this tell me..my sound card XP drivers suck. I doubt it is my video drivers, because NV has much better driver support than aureal(no caps..they no longer care).

Remedy: New Philips SC.

Dimes to dollars this fixes the issue.

Before I get a bunch of posts asking about drivers, DX, BIOS and OC..My rig is solid. This is the first game that made a Direct Sound call the Vor2 didn't like.

I wont get a chance to update on my sucess/failure until Sunday..after the Kings take L.A. downtown for a quick lesson.