View Full Version : Heh, being an avid backstab user

05-14-2002, 04:30 AM
Let me tell ya, if your not blocking this or getting hit by this to much a few things you are doing

1. Your not watching your ass
2. Your swinging your weapon constantly like a noob
3. You have no clue that the move is insanely easy to dodge

Futher more, if someone is actually backing up to you throw your damn saber at them or double kick there head.

Its not hard, I do it all the time.

as for scripts, scripts are lame and make me look like cause I actually went through the trouble of learning how to pull backstab off in mid fights (without pull or push)

Makes me look like a cheater, damn scripts should be removed from the game period.

I run around and I barely if ever die to backstab? why is this?
Cause I've learned its game mechanics and I know what to do not too die.

You should try it.. it helps