View Full Version : Need help: keyboard layout changed since 1.03!

William Lawson
05-14-2002, 02:49 PM
i need help ;(
I'm using an AZERTY keyboard, which usually never gives any problems.

i used to play JI:Jedi Outcast with no problems before the 1.03 patch.

Now, since i installed the patch, there are several of my traditional controls that won't work anymore.

i used to have ' as jump for example, and m for backwards, . for +right, , for +left (or something like that)

But now, on my keyboard, the ' button is , and whenever i try to bind "+moveup", the key is invalid.

same as for ; , if i want to bind ; as +moveleft, it won't work because ; is used in console for breaks.

Now, for those of you techies, are there any commands to change this? or will i always have to select a different keyboard setting in win98?

i want to thank you in advance for all the help!

William Lawson, Padawan

05-14-2002, 03:20 PM
Here are some console commands that might help (you can open console with shift + the key left to 1/above tab) :
bindlist shows the current key configuration (you can scroll up /down with page up/down)
bind [key][command] manually assigns a key to a function ( e.g. bind w "+forward" )
unbind [key] clears the assignment of a key
unbindall clears all key assignments

You can also edit the configfiles (jk2config.cfg and jk2mpconfig.cfg) with wordpad . Look for bind .....