View Full Version : For all of you who are crying about the patch

JediKnight Dave
05-14-2002, 05:27 PM
Yes, i know i hate the backstab crap. and yes i know they downgrade heal and drain alot. Here is the way i see it.

With the new blocking with the sabers and damage.
This is for the duel part. more people play duels then the other games. and this is where the game shines. 65 percent of the people enjoy duels then they do ctf or ffa just for the fact that it is diffrent.

this game is still new and there will be more patches. But right now just take it like this. True gamers will fuss get over it and learn to deal with it. You people who are fussing and leaving the game. stfu cause your not going nowhere. so haha. oh look at me i am getten own so i must skip away like a newb. i used dfa alot. ya. i use med also yes. i even use light. The changes are fine. just downgrade the back attacks and you got a perfect duel game. If you want death match go play quake or something.

JediKnight Dave
05-14-2002, 06:03 PM
Some more changes i think should be added.

running backwards should be slower
make the med stance have the reg spin attack and this new slower one for more power

heavy should have no back attack

light back stab should be locked and not do as much damage

when you are knocked down you cant be backstab. *hell the dude is on the ground*