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05-14-2002, 07:15 PM


This guy know what he's talking about, they realy should have let him beta test the patch before just throwing it out there. I especially like his closing statments:

Final Word

Raven, I put myself at your disposal as a beta tester. I do this just as any other person who actually cares about the fate of this game as a competitive entity would. Give me 24-48 hours with any patch release candidate and I will give you a full breakdown of game balance issues. I realize that you may be trying to balance the game for players new to Jedi Outcast as well as those who wish to play in organized leagues, but dumbing down and crippling the game to gain approval from those who will never look deeper than the game's veneer will alienate those who love the game enough to keep the community going.

Am I being arrogant? Do I believe myself to be better able to dispense that information than the people who created the game? I won't answer that myself, rather I will refer you to the 40+ emails I receive daily (all of which I try to answer) from people who, at least for the most part, agree with my analysis.

A word of caution: please be wary of making changes to your core gameplay based on the feedback of those who clearly do not have an intimate knowledge of the game, or those who make hasty posts to your messageboards. Jedi Knight 2 Multiplayer is (or was) a very deep, intricate game that requires many hours of practice and experimentation to play well. Rather than taking the counsel of those who admit they have only invested a few hours into the game, instead trust those of us who have already shown they are willing to put their own time and effort into the support of what is still, despite the patch, one of the most enjoyable games on the market.

Final Word