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05-14-2002, 08:23 PM
hello!...ive been playing JK for 2 weeks, and i dont understand how people play with the heavy strikes!....it looks more like
hammer fighting to me...hence...im a newbie!! ive been playing
the game against my friends on a lan - NO such thing as online play - 3.5kbs max :(

ok..i tried using heavy this weekend against my friends and i got
wasted by medium strikes, i 99,9% of the time miss, and only strike a heavy when the other player happens to b in my saber
slice, and they always see the slice a MILE away...uuuuuungh..
slaaaaaaaaaaash....type of thing,(v.102) can somebody tell me
where/if there is a site with all the best saber fighters' demos??
i mean...i have a record of my best fights, and i delete/replace them as i get better ones, so....please help, so i can see just
HOW u people pull off those heavy strikes!

thank u

05-15-2002, 04:10 AM
Once you get the hang of red stance, you WILL find yourself using it plenty to land those hits you need most when you have plenty of room to move.

I think you said your using V1.02 which Is quite different from 1.03 in terms of how saber fighting works, but one of the bare basic lessons of red stance never changed...

It's all about timing and turning/moving into the target so to speak to ensure to hit happens. the turning into the target thing doesn't ALWAYS work, but it does help a lot.

In the end it's all about timing and distance with the red stance... in 1.02 you could land powerful hits from a good range (out of the range of blue for sure, and yellow most of the time) if you knew what you where doing. And red was sweet against a cluster that wasn't paying attention to you.

try to practice against either a BOT or an inanimate object or some other newbie to red stance.

the first most easy lesson is against the stationary target.. simply backpeddle and hit attack, then move foreward... If you time it right you will be running backwards for the first half or 1/3 of the swing, and into the target in the last half or 2/3.

For horizontal it's a bit harder on some ways... Try to keep your target in the 10 oclock position for the left horizontal swing, and the 2 oclock position for the right hand horizontal swing. REMEMBER move INTO the target about 1/3 of the way through the swing if it's sitting still...

the reason for this is so you don't get sabered in mid swing, and therefor maximize the effectiveness of the strike, you can STILL hit if you just rush into them and turn properly, but you risk a hit.

In 1.03 there are times you will want to do a red swing from a distance or up close. In 1.03 the closer you are to the enemy the more likely it is it will go through the saber defenses and do damage, or at LEAST parry the defending saber.

I would say however don't realy on red too much, but certainly master it. Ignoring red stance is foolhardy. But so is ignoring the other two... even blue has it's uses... in 1.03 all the stances have been fairly balanced if you ask me... Red can still be said to be the best... though I feel it is only best in the right situations... Really staying in only one stance gets most people killed... Not all but most...

finaly I'd like to say at first I was very disapointed with red stance...

though once I got used to it, I started to like it...

Just practice, though if someone has some demo's I might wanna see em just for kicks anyway... I never figured out (and was too lazy to look up) how to make demo's. but if I do, I am sure I would have a folder full of cool ass fights in no time heheh.

05-15-2002, 06:29 PM
cool, thanx for the tips man!...i tried red against the bots....
i beat them now, but ill have to wait to see how i fair against
humans though!...as for DEMOS, just check by the files section
at http://www.jediknightii.net/files, they got a script running
thats pretty cool!...really not just for training, id love to see how
other people fight!!...i must say...v.103 is "different"

but like all games, u get used to it :)

REEEEAAAALLLY hope somebody reads this and gets this
demo thing going, i got about 5 min in for less than a meg

05-15-2002, 06:44 PM
I'm getting pretty good with Red. If you tell me how to record and where to post it I will make one for you.

The trick is in the timing and direction.

Check out my Newbie Saber Advice post in the Multiplayer forum for more details.

05-15-2002, 11:12 PM
I fint hard to record a demo on public servers.

Is it possible or is a "server must have bla bla bla" type of thing?