View Full Version : Single player (player created) maps

05-15-2002, 04:40 AM
I've played the:

JK2 (100% with no cheats, first week)
The demo
The base.
The ladder
The executor

and just downloaded the sp_floatingsith.pk3

Anybody familiar with any other SP levels released so far?

Can somebody at least share a decent website to check periodically for updates. I only know of jediknightii.net and jedi outcast maps.

05-15-2002, 06:59 PM
Sooo.. nobody plays the single player levels?

05-15-2002, 08:40 PM
You are missing the Bespin one. . I don't know if you played the updated executor or not. Sorry, but I don't know of any other sites that you can go to to get more maps. I think that's all the single player maps out there though.