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05-15-2002, 04:55 AM
I found the other day that if you go to NS_Streets there are more fun things possible using NPC Spawn.

First, I went into God mode. This was even before I went into the bar, and had my weapons taken by the Rodians. Then I spawned a bunch of Rodians outside the bar. Then, I walked in. One of the Rodians at the door got shot immediately by one of the Rodians outside. Once I was allowed in, I walked over to the table on the right with the three guys and said "How's It Going?". They immediately raised their hands (as in "Reach For The Sky"). I looked around, and all of the other guys in the bar had done likewise (except for the bartender). Next thing I did was to spawn a bunch of stormtroopers and Rodians around the bar. I walked up to the bartender to hear his "Garbages" speech and several things happened. Firstly, just before Kyle slammed the light-saber onto the bar, I guess a shot got too close to him, and he activated the light-saber. So when he slammed it to the bar, it was on. Secondly, during the bartender's "Garbages" speech, there is lots of shooting and general mayhem going on all around the bar. Made for a more exciting speech!

Ok next thing. After I had killed off everyone in the bar, and made my way upstairs to deactivate the bar security shield, I went back down and listened as the idiot red-eyed bartender groveled and told me where to find, errr..., whats-his-face. So then, what I did was to use force pull and force push, and I dragged him out of the bar, and over to the front door. Somehow, as I pushed him over a dead Rodian, he wound up with his laser pistol. He would not shoot at anything. Basically, once you shove or pull him, and he recovers, he will just assume a crouched position and stay there until you shove him again.
So I dragged him outside, and over to the edge of the main thoroughfare, and shoved him off.

He died.

Does anyone else here get a perverse pleasure in hearing the Rodians scream as they die or fall off of stuff??? I think it is hilarious!!

Another fun thing with NS_Streets....when you first start the level, and you are standing to the right of a pit....occasionally there are a couple of "craft" that float up out of the pit. One goes straight up, and then into a "door" pretty high above the pit. The other one slowly wends it's way through the main throroughfare of Nar Shadda, before taking a left at the end and winking out of sight.

I tried at one point to hitch a ride on various craft as they floated/zoomed through the map. The slow-pleasure-cruise one I just mentioned was kind of weird, because I would wait by the pit for it to come rising up, and I would leap onto it as it got near me. Thing is, it would not even make it to the main thoroughfare, before I would get knocked off. No matter what I did, I could not retain my grip on it.
Something else I did at that same pit that was really strange. I decided to check out the bottom of the pit itself. So I noclipped down there, and went into the room that held the two craft as they waited to rise up out of the pit. I don't know how it happened, but somehow I got knocked out of the bottom of the room, and it seemed as though I was falling...I could see the entire NS_Streets map rising away from me as I fell into darkness, until it was just a little dot. I know usually there is a limit as to how far you can get out of a map, but it seems I got kicked beyond the limit that time.
Another thing I did at the beginning of this level was to immediately noclip to the end of the main throughfare to where the hover craft is waiting (waiting for it's moment when there are three goons on it shooting at you and when you kill them it starts moving around on it's own), and I spawned an ATST on the hovercraft. When the time came for it to make it's grand entrance, there was nothing on it. No ATST, no 3 bad guys, nothing. Since there were no bad guys to shoot off of it, it would not move when it came time for me to leap onto it.
Oh, and I also loved spawning ATSTs, and then making them take a step or two and fall to the bottom of the thoroughfare.

Needless to say, the GAME itself kicks ass, but the things that can be done outside the storyline are a hell of a lot of fun as well!!!

AT-AT Commander
05-15-2002, 06:43 PM
Ah, yes, Nar Shadda. My favorite level. I'll have to try some of those....

05-15-2002, 07:02 PM
I loathed every level past Lukes entrance. Streets won over a HUGE hatred. I dun know why I didnt like em, cuz I loved the saberdueling and ****.... Anyways There is a buncha stuff you can do there once ya kill everything off.

You can spawn so much before it meets its limit. Hell, you can spawn an army of lukes and 3 seconds later listen to thousands of mark hammil screams!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA

I found this to be the best level for a reborn/desann/tavion vs jedif/luke/me war. LOTSA reborn and Jedif. G_Saberrealisticcombat 99 enabled!!!!!!! you should try it. Also, spawning pussy little Galak_mech adds some fun to it =P

05-15-2002, 09:56 PM
Thanks for the idea man!

i'm gonna try this first thing tomorrow!

05-16-2002, 07:35 PM

I realize there are lotsa things that have been posted on this subject (unofficial things to do with JKO) before, but of course when I run across silly stuff like that, I will post it to share the fun!
Cool thing too is that I run everything at maxed out settings, and I can still spawn at least 20-30 different creatures/machines at a time and it still works flawlessly! I WAS getting an error that prevented me from even starting the game not too long ago, but then I installed patch 1.03, and all is well.


Now...I gotta check listings for Attack Of The Clones and figure out when I can go....

May The Force Be With You ALL, Always!!


05-17-2002, 12:32 AM
hahah my favorite thing to do is spawn the R2D2's or the black look alike ones, and jump up reeeeally high, then do force pull. them suckas FLY!!!!! then they come crashing down going "whyayyayayyayayyyayaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

05-17-2002, 01:30 AM
I love ns_streets too, it just struck me start spawning suff there like it did with you lot, I positioned a few reborn in the bar (notarget, noclip) and then walked in normally, they went nuts and I just ignored them, it is odd to see the cut scenes as is, reborn bouncing about like crazy fools behind me while I'm casually chatting away to the bartender:)

Also the weirdest one, getting the Desann skin for single player mode and going to the yavin_swamp (I think) level, the cut scene before the level begins had me in stitches, Desann and Jan smooching was a bizzare site to behold.:D