View Full Version : How much does star wars matter?

Master Rooster
05-15-2002, 05:43 PM
I'm just wondering how many people play the game for the fact that it's Star Wars over the fact that it's a great game? Would it be a WORSE game if it wasn't Star Wars? Obviousbly it would be less popular, but is it any better through the fact that it uses Star Wars things?

Master Rooster
05-15-2002, 05:46 PM
Sorry about naff grammar, posted it quickly without reading it first.

05-15-2002, 06:32 PM
I am a Star Wars nut that is why I got the game and still play it.

05-15-2002, 07:43 PM
Max Payne kicks ass. Max Payne with kung-fu kicks more ass. If I have the kung-fu, does it matter if Max Payne without the fixings doesn't taste as good?

05-16-2002, 03:26 AM
To me though the SW label isn't ALL that great *ducks to avoid fanboi saber swings*. Not saying Sw blows though either!

When I was young little kid, the second movies I ever saw on the big screen was ROTJ I think (it was either that or ET, I was about 5 or so so forgive me if I have forgotten I was born in 77).

I remmeber Seeing some comercial on my grandparents old ass TV (REALLY old, but cool it had these touch sensitive channel changer thingies, I guess they picked up the electricity/static on your fingers or somehting, but VERY fun to fool around with when nobody was looking heheh).

There was this big forest, with lots of cute bear things, then I saw the blaster bolts. My mom is something of a trekkie, and I was raised on Sci fi up to that point, that and westerns (my dad is a hillbilly of sorts from tennesee, and my mom is actualy more aristocratic, so yeah I actually have royal blood in me heheh, oddly I got it on my dads side too, but they haven't been royal for a few centuries heheh ANYWAY!).

i was in awww. Then... Then i saw this glowing sword thingie in the hands of this guy, then a red one in the hands of this sick looking guy who looked like a black knight.

I remeber that the second the comercial was over I tripped many times as I ran to beg my grandparents to take me to go see it...

They nodded, and I nearly crapped myself. to me as a little kid, my grandparents taking me anywhere to see a movie like that was unheard of.

Between the Jedi and Jabba the hut and his palace my little mind was shaken forever... i had dreams as a little kid of being a Jedi of some kind or something, and saving some beautiful princess from a big fat slimy thing in a dark smokey palace for years!).

then as I grew up I found new loves... Eventualy I went into the martial arts around 12 or so, all the SW movies had been nearly forgotten since they took forever to come out on video...

When I finaly saw them all, I was much older than when I first saw and loved ROTJ. SOME of the magic was gone... to be honest I still loved, and always will love SW in a part of my soul... Although never enough to buy a game about it.

that is till i found this one. See when I saw TPM, I fell in love with the Jedi all over again. I Found out just how close it really did seem to the martial arts I had been studying for nearly a decade even if it was more fantastic.

so I made up my mind that if any game came out that made it seem cool to be a Jedi and wasn't like the other older games with the exception of tie fighter, Xwing, and whatever the other one was (I liked all three a lot), I would buy it and try it...

I passed on the console game from Episode one... it seemed kind of unlike what I was looking for, and too much like the SNES SW games I played... all where OK, and I played them all, but liked none of them really enbough to play another one remotely like it...

I had given up... Then I saw this, remembered the older ones got good reviews, and decided to try it.

In short, I like this game for the Jedi aspect, and for the sword and sworcery like feel of that concept as well. Not because it is simply a SW game.

IE being that it's star wars means nothing, and I hope some good mod makers out thier totaly redo the game to be something else... maybe some kind of sword n sworcery game, SP and multiplayer. Hell I bet you could make a GREAT mod of this game to make a SP, and possibly MP game that is like the Blade movies!

It's got everything it needs to make it a blade game, just change the graphics and the force powers ETC. Catch my drift?

anyway thats all for this long ass post :)

05-16-2002, 03:32 AM
The whole reason I got this game was 'cause I wanted to play a Jedi. And from the looks of it, it was gonna be awesome.

Jah Warrior
05-19-2002, 12:20 PM
I agree with the majority Star wars does make this game better,

however it is still a top notch game in its own right.

I would be interested to see a Ninja mod or a samurai mod for this game as most of the ninja abilities are pretty close to jedi powers in a way.

i love the sound of sword fights.

anyone with a bit of knowledge should do this i'd definitely buy it if it came out....

Peace to you all