View Full Version : some players play, some don't.

05-15-2002, 07:46 PM
Went to a CTF server last night and nearly every player was using the pull+turn+backstab script as their only attack.. even the players on my team. How can that be fun? Well, if that is fun for them, so be it, but I find it super lame and I will not play there so I left w/ haste.

Went to a Duel server, and played 2.5 hours of the best, most balanced saber fighting ever seen in a video game. Who said saber throw ruins duels? Spam at me and I will cut you down.

Played some FFA, and most people were having fun, a couple ran around and script-killed incessantly, but most were cool. People who love their saber too much of course get smoked by the gun & saber users... but if it is more fun for them to role play as a true jedi, then so be it.

Point is, there are ****ty people who try to ruin games, and devs can never truly eliminate every exploit. There are people who sacrifice winning in order to fulfill there idea of role playing, but they have to accept theat their sacrifice is voluntary and should not expect too much in terms of cooperation from other players.

Who ever you are and whatever your playing style, there are sure to be people and servers playing your way. Stop complaining!

That said, every "super move" should have a counter availabe, and then the move spammers will just get wiped.

05-15-2002, 08:25 PM
All I can suggest against pull/backstab is absorb (or protection, but I prefer absorb). I can't suggest anything for changing the script-whore mindset though.