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05-16-2002, 08:23 AM
Hello fellow Jedis,

I have a question concerning custom maps and skins. I don't run a server, I'm only a stupid gamer :D

After collecting some experience with the default maps/skins I now want to get into customizing things.

My question is: How can I tell from the server list, if a server supports custom skins and maps?

I want to make sure that people on the server can see my whatever ultra-cool skin :cool: I have downloaded and I want to make sure that the server runs other maps than the default maps. Is there a way to tell from the "server info" window? It gives you all kind of information but I am not sure about the meaning of all the variables. So far I just went for the server with the best ping, these all happened to be pure servers, no custom skins, no custom maps.

Any help is appreciated.

05-16-2002, 10:42 AM
Unfortunately, as far as I know, there isn't any way to tell if your downloaded skins are going to be supported on a remote server without actually talking to the people who run the server.

However, that being said, if you go into a pure server (cvar: sv_pure 1) and the server does not have any custom skins you have, you won't be able to use yours, hence the pure server designation.

I suppose a good way to tell if the server is using maps and skins, though not always a sure-fire way, is to see if g_allowdownload is set to 1. If it is, there's a sure bet there's either custom maps or custom skins on the server. Also, the All Seeing Eye will report, in red text, non-default maps on a server so if you load up ASE and refresh the list and see games with red names in the map list, those are custom maps.

Unfortunately, there's still no sure-fire way to know whether the server has custom skins, let alone if they have the same ones you have in your base directory.

Animal Planet
05-16-2002, 11:16 AM
Actually skins work fine on a pure server. My 2 servers have a few skins, and most of the custom maps that are out. As long as the other person has the same skin or model on their machine they see in on my server at least. I have even tested it, I joined the server from another computer and the vador model is on the server, and my char. showed up as vador. So did the person I was fighting agaisnt.

05-16-2002, 11:24 AM
...if you go into a pure server (cvar: sv_pure 1) and the server does not have any custom skins you have

Animal Planet: I hate to have to quote myself, but I'm afraid you may have misinterpreted what I wrote.. :(

Yes, if you are running a server and have skins on it, you can run as a pure server and remote clients can use the skins you have on the server. This works regardless of whether they have them downloaded or not.

However, what I am saying is: Say, for the sake of argument, you have only the Darth Vader skin on your server and you have sv_pure set to 1. If I join and want to use a downloaded Obi-Wan skin, I cannot because you do not have them on your server and it is a pure server. On connect, people would see the common error of "unpure pk3 files detected" and I would only be able to choose from the default skins and the Vader skin.

Hence, unless the pure servers Bluezman connects to have the exact same skins Bluezman has previously downloaded and placed in his base directory - which, again, I don't know of any real way to check for that without talking to the server administrators - he won't be able to use them. If they do have them, he can use them just fine.

Animal Planet
05-16-2002, 11:37 AM
Yes I just misinterpreted what you said, I tend to read and type to fast that I miss little things. Just how I work, but at least he will know EXACTLY how the skins work now :D

Also, obviously, I am new to the forums. When I post or reply out in the list of threads it seems to put hole in the picture of a letter on the left. I see different post have different pictures of letters and symbols. What do they mean?

05-16-2002, 11:57 AM
Ok, thank you guys for your answers. That seemed to answer most of my questions.

What I will do next is just download skins and maps and play around with them. If I understood correctly, the fact that I have downloaded skins on my machine does NOT affect my ability to *connect* to pure servers, or servers that simply do not support my downloaded skin. It simply tells me then to use another skin or sets my skin back to default (Kyle?) or whatever. When I'm connected to the server I probably then can choose another skin and then can see all the skins available on the server (to stick with your example: Darth Vader: yes, Obi Wan: no).

Also, obviously, I am new to the forums. When I post or reply out in the list of threads it seems to put hole in the picture of a letter on the left. I see different post have different pictures of letters and symbols. What do they mean?

To answer this question: I am also new to the forums (though I read a LOT more than I posted...):
Different letter symbols tell you whether a post is read, unread, new, has been replied to, sticky, has many replies and/or views and so forth. The most symbols are pretty much self explaining (I think...) The one with the hole in the envelope however means, that you are *subscribed* to the post. That means that if somebody posts a reply to one of your posts, you will be notified via E-Mail (if you activated this feature in your profile).

Hope it helped...

Animal Planet
05-16-2002, 12:08 PM
Well thats good to know, and I have disabled that since I don't receive a email stating that someone replyed to this thread or that thread.

05-17-2002, 01:27 PM
Hey there,
I'm the admin for the **||RockyMountain JKO1.3 NF DUELS||** server. I had thought about this problem for awhile and what I've done is to add lines to the server information. when you open your game browser and highlight a server in the list and then select server info at the bottom of the screen it will list most of the cvars that are running on the server. example from my serverinfo
ADDONS "Skins+Flamesaber1 loaded"
SKINS "get them from here"
SKDL's "www.jediknightii.net"
Dismember "must add the line"
CONSOLE "cg_dismember3"

So if people get in the habit of checking the server info and Admins get in the habit of adding Sets to the config of what they have running then I should think that knowing whats running on a server would be that much easier.
Now I realize that I don't list the Skins or Maps that are actually on the server because I run over 40 skins on it now, but the client can get a basic idea that the server will probably have something that he's running.
Just my 2 cents
I hope the slicing and dicing makes you all smile, I know it does me.
May the Force move your spirit