View Full Version : need some help on single player :)

05-16-2002, 05:54 PM
ok.. im on the second level and now stuck. im in the room where theres a crystal in the center of the room, and a small area off to the side where you can hit 2 switches. when you hit the 2 switches things start exploding and it also opens up a hole in one of the locked doors. well i kept daying from something invisible so i finally decided to look it up in a strategy guide. when i looked it up it said after you hit the switches the thing in the center will shoot lasers everywhere. the only thing is i dont see any lasers :/ i tried putting on all my different goggles and stuff and nothing works. does anybody know whats up with this? or is there something i have to do in order to see the lasers?


Psionic Jedi
05-17-2002, 01:14 AM
Left switch moves crystal out of the way, and the right switch ignites the lasers. Duck and watch the lasers! Touching it = instant death. Crouch under the one directly on the right of you, and keep crawling under all of them until you reach the door that had been blown by the lasers (to your left if you're in the switch control room) and crawl under the hole.