View Full Version : Newbie with wierd video problem

05-16-2002, 08:44 PM
Hi all. When I'm in SP, everything looks fine until I check my datapad. When I go back to the game the color is all messed up. Everything looks psychadellic. I haven't had this problem in MP. what gives?

Heres my sys. specs

Celeron 433
Windows 98
192 mb ram (64 in one slot, 128 in the other)
ATI rage 128VR (8mb integrated in mobo)

Yes I know its a jalopy but the game has been running fine cept for the problem I mentioned. Of course I have to turn all the setting down and it looks about as good as Jedi knight Drk forces II but I can live with it since I'm planning to upgrade within the next 6 months. I also have quake 3 which runs fine and RTCW which runs ok but not as good. (I haven't had the wierd color problem in either of these games)

Another problem I've been having is when I quit the game to go back to my desktop, it either freezes my system to the point of having to reboot or my desktop resolution gets messed up. I've been running the game in 640 by 480 and my desktop is 800 by 600. but sometimes when I quit JKII the desktop stays at 640 by 480 and I have to go to display settings to manually change it back. plz help me!!

05-28-2002, 06:59 PM
I'm having the same problem. System isn't quite as bad as yours though...

P3 450
384 MB memory
ATI Rage Fury Pro 32 MB

Sometimes the color goes screwy on me, and sometimes it is fine. Would love for someone to help me out with what the cause is. Still able to play the game, but it sure looks bad when the colors get goofy.