View Full Version : The new DFA the backstab and back swipe

05-17-2002, 05:02 AM
Say what you will, but it seem like when I go to saber severs people are just looking to do the backstab or swipe. Now I donít really mind that move all that much because it looks pretty cool. My only gripes are that its to easy to pull off and does way to much damage, and if you avoid it and hit them in the middle of there move. It does little effect. I guess with every game there is some exploit; thatís bound to happen. I hope they clear this up soon. Hopefully in a few more patches the saber will be more of skill-based weapon instead of who can pull off the most powerful move first.


Mero Vilul
05-17-2002, 06:22 AM
Well, if you see the other will hit first, simply jump away and do not attempt to "try to hit him anyway".

People using force pull and backstabbing all the time is boring though.
And btw, everyone seem able to pull me down easily.
I know if I do something, I can be pulled. But I can just stand there with my saber looking at the opponent, and he pulls me down... And when I pull someone myself, mostly when I get one to work they just fly towards me a bit, seldom they fall to the ground. Although it sucks to use, I want to know what I can do not to be pulled down 75% of the times when I do nothing.
And yes, I had max force pull myself, but still, like 75% of the times they pull me down when I do nothing?

btw, had my most funniest games yesterday, the patch is really good when you get the hang of it. The new 3 chain combo with heavy is great, the yellow stance is good, the blue stance is usefull know (I love my spin - spin - head blow - uppercut - backstab combo :)...

Take care.