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05-17-2002, 05:05 AM
This is my idea of a better MP experience : pls. post your suggestions and be nice.

I am pretty much content with the current MP gameplay but just now i went back to SP and was blown away by how fun and very stylish the action was.

MP seems now to be very arcadish and what i mean is its kinda hack and slash although thats not a bad thing either.

OK my suggestion is if Raven would create a patch that would enable a server to choose bet. the present "arcade style" gameplay and a more "stylish SP like" gameplay that would be so awesome.

Why do u ask why "stylish SP like" MP rocks and things i really like about it?

Answers : It has a wow factor and reminds you of the saber fights in movies and has a better gaming experience IMHO.

Things I like to see implemented in this "stylish SP" MP gameplay are :
1.Bullet time (if they could implement this that would rule) - hard one i know but if they did - pretty cool
2.Slow mo when you execute a finishing move that kills like in SP.
3.The way the camera seems to focus in and out.
4.SP moves like cartwheels and being to dodge slashes or blaster fire by twisting the neck or torso or is it side bending? - not a function just an added animation but still automatic.
5.Other stylish SP moves like drawing out your saber and the saber twirl taunt.
6.The ability to throw instantly ur saber as u press the key and the ability to handle where it goes and how long it stays in the air like in SP. - MP saber throwing is kinda slow and not fast paced compared to SP
7.The thing where your saber gets thrown away or gets dropped and falls to the ground making you defenseless for a while.
8. When you backflip on a wall - it backflips you farther away. ( i did this on SP dueling with Reborn and it rocks coz after u backflip, you are behind them and u can slash them :)
9. I think thats it - maybe forgotten a few ideas.

Now im guessing - Raven took most of SP stuff in MP because it might be hard to implement like bullet time and would slow the game and maybe cause lag in games and they did it to accomodate the ppl who have slower pcs and 56k connection so they can run MP.

So my last suggestion is that this "stylish MP mode" be availabe and only playable with highend computers and broadband in order for it to work so if you have a nice pc and cable you will be able to enjoy this mode and the slow computers and 56kers can still play the arcade mode.

Whew thats all. :)

05-17-2002, 07:48 AM
For your knowledge, 1.03 was made so multiplayer would be more like single player, and lots of people are complaining because it didn't work out that well. In single player you rarely fight against more than two opponents, but in MP where half dozen jedis can engage in same fight things get pretty ugly.

Now as for your ideas I'm afraid some of them wouldn't work that well, and here's why:

1 & 2: Impossible to do in multiplayer.
3: As above is impossibel this is a moot point.
4: This was limited to computer played opponents in SP. I believe someone already made a mod where these replaced rolling so you might want to test that. Not very easy to implement because you would run out of keys to use. Would make playing somewhat confusing although I agree, these look very cool in SP.
5: These could be added...
6: Saber throw is very easy to abuse even now. With more control people might throw more than actually fight in melee, I doubt you would like that anymore than I.
7: This is one point I agree with you, it would be nice and would make saber throwing less safe, kind of a counter for the abuse that now happens especially in nonforce duel servers.
8: Try pressing backwards while doing the backflip, you'll easily land behind your opponent in MP as well.


05-17-2002, 08:00 AM
"In single player you rarely fight against more than two opponents, but in MP where half dozen jedis can engage in same fight things get pretty ugly."? I guess my version of JKII's alot different than yours, because I can only recall a handfull of times where there were two or less opponents on single player...Weird. I want your version, it sounds easier than mine. "Try pressing backwards while doing the backflip, you'll easily land behind your opponent in MP as well."? That's another weird thing about my version of the game. I've had to press backwards every single time I've done a backflip. Here I was thinking that's why it was called a backflip. Weird.

05-17-2002, 08:44 AM
I think an easy way to implement the butterfly moves without loosing buttons would be to make them forward+left+crouch and forward+right+crouch as both those combinations currently do nothing (you can't roll diagonally)

05-17-2002, 10:22 PM
i dont think its impossible to pull off (slow mo and bullet time) but perhaps a question of gameplay mechanics or maybe pc requirements perhaps.