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05-17-2002, 06:24 AM
Blade runner style car stuff near the start - mental.

I never thought this would rival TESB but it has. In empire i love the way it catches "anger" - e.g. when the MF escapes into hyperspace and Vader just walks along his bridge peed off on the star destroyer - great scene.

But in AOTC - when Anakin kills all the Tuscan Raiders - you can feel the anger - great stuff.

I didnt thing the romance scenes where that bad - they had to be done, would u rather Anakin had a one night stand in Mos Eisley?

I like the way it joined up the films;
Death star, Lukes Uncle and Aunt, A-wing, Tie fighter and Star destroyer Early models shown.

some good comedy thrown in - C3PO and Mind tricks...heheh.


Some muppets behind me (13 year old girls) said "not a very good ending, is that it?" - very sad.

:jawa oooteeeni