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05-17-2002, 10:35 AM
Hi, just a quick question about the Q3 way of handling server side mods..
Does it require sv_pure server to be turned off?

Oh and while I am at it, is it right that the auto-download thing is turned off on the clients by factory default? If you have a lot of time you would be also welcome if you could give me a short rundown of this whole auto-download thing, like what can be downloaded, how do you control it, does it have to be d/l and stuff =)



05-17-2002, 04:14 PM
Server-side mods can generally be run on pure servers. What a pure server is really doing is making sure that connected clients' only use pk3 files that match what the server has. As far as autodownload, you are correct--the client setting is OFF by default. For a download to occur the server needs to have downloads enabled using sv_allowdownload "1" AND the client needs to have it enabled using cl_allowdownload "1". I've seen some server configs that have the cl_ setting in them...which is pointless since the server cannot force that setting on clients.

As far as I know, only maps are downloaded. If a map contains skins/sounds/etc, they are considered part of the map package. Now, download speed is limited to the sv_maxrate--which I think sucks. So, even if a download does occur, the length of time it will take can be quite intolerable to most players. Of course, most custom maps out now are duel maps which are fairly small. Still, with a low sv_maxrate (5000 or so)...it'll take a while. Just in case you were going to ask--no, there is no way to redirect the download to another server.