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05-17-2002, 01:03 PM
Bring back Heavy and Medium styles.

Keep the swings the same as they were HOWEVER, increase the number of blocks that can be done with medium AND make it so that DIFFERENT STYLES rate DIFFERENTLY at their ability to block moves where LIGHT > MEDIUM > HEAVY.

ie. Heavy blocks very very little. Medium so so. Light - slightly reduced normal from 1.03.

This would at least ensure people have a balance between offence and defence.

I beleive that the heavy hit from 1.02 should remain. It stands to reason that a full-blooded swipe from a lightsaber to part of your body IS going to leave you fairly dead, 30h etc.

I hate the fact that I now have no idea what health the person is on. The skill level required to master this game has been reduced so much that I no longer play this game. Given up. Caput. Its just no fun anymore.

I used to play mostly heavy, hardly EVer using DFA, just timing my swings so as to hit with the maximum effect. This took skill in order to know when to run at the person, how to dodge their blows, and spin around with a heavy swing. IT USED TO BE FUN. I hate having to fight someone for 2 minutes. I still win, but its too tedius.

Drain and Heal were fine as they were.
If you had hit someone hard enough that their shields were down, 1 more heavy hit should finish them off, no matter how much they drain or heal.

I have 2 other suggestions that you may or may not agree with. Firstly the introduction of a SECONDARY SWING, ie attack2 which swings in a different manner too PRIMARY ATTACK. It could be a quick forward jab, to get through the defences of a medium or heavy stance person, using light style. Or in the case of Heavy and Medium it could be the 1.02 swing, or any variation that RAven cares to come up with. Its up to them.

Thirdly if you have seen Episode 2 (heh i saw it at the world premiere in Melboure Australia at 6:30pm on wednesday :) 12 hours b4 the US :) I believe the light style should be acrobatic, that you coudl roll and jab, and generally bounce around a bit like Yoda. well thats the more off the wall suggestion

anyway thanks.

05-17-2002, 01:16 PM
@ first when I read what 1.3 was going to be like, I thought "sweet!" because I like the sabre fighting styles in the game, they're quite difficult and therefore fun.


Once playing it online, I'd have to agree with Foos, b/c I once dueled someone for the WHOLE MAP TIME without either of us dying! We were near shields and health, and we always managed to last long enough to get ot them and continue. Now I dont know about you, but duelling for 20 mins on a map with no frags is rather annoying.

I'd like to see something similar to Foos, however, I'd structure it like this...

We always see in the films almost all the shots get blocked, but that people are very fluid in their movements. Therefore, there should really be only one combat "type" ie: medium (yellow) and not blue/red. Then you can configure you're type, ie: more defensively orientated so u can block all day but really couldn;t hit to save your life, or, hyper offence, so you cut sick like luke vs darth after he learns about Leia but with not a great deal of chance of blocking, or some balance between the two, using the stars system from jk1.

Also, deaths with the saber should be very easy. ie: The majority of people hit with a lightsabre are cut in 'twain. However, nicks and scrapes with the tip/side if u partially dodge should hamper your movements. To prevent this, a new LIGHT SIDE technique, pain repression should be added.

So therefore, one clean hit opens up the enemy, and a partial will slow them down, making it easier to kill them

Heheh it's more than 2 cents, but foos is right, 1.03 isn't an improvement, but it's a step in the right direction.

05-17-2002, 04:18 PM
I almost like heavy more after the patch. It does need to have blocking fixed, but the chained combos you can do are sweet.