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05-17-2002, 01:35 PM
I though Aurra Sing was going to play a 'significant part' in Episode 2? I didn't see her at all. My guess is that she was slated to play the shape-shifter bounty hunter Zam, but they couldn't make her look right with those ridiculous long fingers. Maybe her antenna-head wouldn't fit into a spaceship either.

Here's what I thought about Episode 2:
I liked it a lot, but I also acknowledge that it's not a very good movie. It has poor dialog, a boring love story, but other good Star Wars stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

Things I liked about E2:
*No burps!
*No farts!
*No stepping in poop!
*No references to bantha poodoo!
*No Warrick Davis!
*No 'crazy' announcer!
*No musical number!
*Yoda went from unlikeable in E1 to GREAT in E2! Even without the lightsaber battle he was one of the best parts of the film. His expressions and movements while force-pushing objects were great.
*Christopher Lee was superb.
*Dooku's saber handle
*Padme's "Wilma Deering" outift
*Jango's room and hallway. That whole facility was sweet.
*First Star Wars thong shot
*The clicking voice of the Genosian leader
*They let Ewan act
*Beru was as cute as a button! And she pours drinks!
*Jango fired at ObiWan's ship like someone would really do: Constant rapid fire until they are (apparently) destoyed!
*That green octopus-headed Jedi
*Clones firing into the smokey distance
*Three head chops that I counted
*Lucas' chubby daughter in the twi'lek outfit
*I only heard a couple of reused Artoo phrases
*Anikin losing his arm was a shockingly good surprise
*ObiWan's mind trick on the Matrix guy was pretty good
*ObiWan's colorful adult beverage
*The sound of the Senator's ship at the beginning

Things I didn't like about E2:
*Just what is up with the clones? I have to wait to find out? Sidious has masterminded the creation of both armies to fight against each other? Just like E1, the story seems convoluted and foced. Even though I know where it's going, it's a big mess getting there. Conning Jar Jar into making the Senate resolution that they want was pretty clever, I guess, cause I'm sure "it'll all work out in E3, you'll see!" as so many people love to say.
*Exactly what made Padme fall in love? I guess they're saving that for the cut scenes on the DVD. I'm all for a good love story, but I didn't get one. They should've gotten someone talented to write those scenes. Not George Lucas. "I died a little bit every day..." Yuck. "I don't like gritty sand. I like soft things." Eww.
*Padme tells Anikin that his leeing makes her uncomforatble, so he does it anyway.
*I didn't read any spoilers, so I have no idea of Jimmy Smits' character or name. Is he Bail Organa? Have we seen Bail yet?
*Threepio has lived at the Lars' home twice?
*The name: Count Dooku. I heard that Sean Connery will be a Jedi in E3 and his name will be Master Jembon.
*At first, Dooku states the fact about the Sith being in control of the Senate. He seems like he might be actually trying to do some GOOD, but then he turns out to be a bad guy, so why confess about Sidius?
*Too much rolling out of fast-moving spacecraft. Ever jumped out of a vehicle going even 20mph? You get HURT.
*Diving hundreds of stories onto a spacecraft. I know it's fiction but please.
*"ObiWan's gonna KILL me!"
*"Not good."
*"What took you so long?"
*"I hate when he does that."
*"How many times I have I told you not to fly through a power coupling?" (How come their whole bodies weren't numb like JarJar's tongue became?)
*"I'm beside myself."
*All of that 'crazy' Threepio head mix-up scanario.
*Almost all of the rooms are round for some reason. Queen's throneroom, pear-eating room, Palpatine's room, that long-neck welcome room, the giant senate meeing room, probably others.
*The new SUPER bettle droids main arm weapon makes them look like Buzz Lightyear.
*When that trade federation ORB came back down, it seems like it would've destroyed Yoda and anything surrounding it. Instead, there was just a lot of dust, gone in a few seconds.
*The CG characters still look like CG characters. I'd stick to CG spaceships only.
*Looks like they were going to give Threepio the line "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" but then they modified it. Either way, it doesn't belong.

All in all, I'm glad happy to have some new Star Wars.

05-17-2002, 03:19 PM
Well It took some time but I read it. I'd have to say in alot of cases I agree. I enjoyed the movie but alot of things left me insatisfied.

05-17-2002, 03:22 PM
aurra sing only had a cameo in Ep1

it was the media and fans that blew her out of proportion

I never thought much of her to begin with

05-17-2002, 03:25 PM
I agree the DVD will probably be alot better/have more. There was a bunch cut it would seem. Anakin and Dooku have more conversation when they are fighting. I think there is also a scene where Jar Jar is talked into proposing palpatine get emergancy power. Not to mention the Tusken massacre was edited.

05-17-2002, 04:10 PM
Originally posted by HBK
Not to mention the Tusken massacre was edited.

I don't think a movie could get a PG rating with women and children being slaughtered. I don't think that scene was ever supposed to be more than was shown.

05-17-2002, 05:26 PM
A lot of the lines you don't like I do. I guess we have different tastes. Personally, I have always like the wise cracking droids. It's hilarious.

Anyway, I know they cut at least one big scene when Anakin and Padme are on Naboo. The have film of Padme introducing Anakin to her parents.

05-17-2002, 07:50 PM
I hear they also cut a big scene from when OBI is in the archives and he talks about Dooku w/ the librarian woman.

05-17-2002, 08:00 PM
But you know... they always cut things out. In RTJ, they cut out a scene where Luke jumps up and grabs the underside of the bars on the ceiling of the Rancor pit. I'm hoping that Lucas will realize that Aurra Sing has some appeal and put her in the movie. I just found out that the actress that plays her was a student at the school my fiance teaches at.