View Full Version : R2 and 3po then new Laurel and Hardy

05-17-2002, 03:34 PM
As allways, R2 gets the best lines.

But what was the point of having them on Genosis (sp?) except for distracting comedy. Almsot like Wicket in RotJ, or CHeiwe doing the tarzan thing. Except it was jsut those two. Now granted, r2 was able to save Padme, but he wasn't neccesary. Except to show off his neat flying ability.

If you edited those 2 out, the battle would have been much soother IMHO.

Lastly, was 3po cleaned up and "goldenized" in the last scene? i couldn't tell, i know he was shineyer but couldn't see much else besides that.

05-17-2002, 05:39 PM
Nope. He wasn't golden.

Also, it is C3-PO with the good lines, not R2.

R2 is padme's personal droid. He stays with her. C3-PO is and always was Anakin's droid. If you remember from Ep I, he told 3PO he couldn't take him. When he first saw Anakin in Ep II, he said "I always knew you would come back for me." So naturally, he went with them when they Tatooine. The next stop was Genosis so they were both there. R2-D2 did what he always does and left the ship when he shouldn't. 3PO went with him.

I guess that explains why they were in there.