View Full Version : My thoughts on Ep2

05-17-2002, 03:54 PM
There's only so much a film can do. Ep2 was slow to start. I was feeling really down with how bad the film was going but i came out saying that film was savage.(Savage is my word for unbelievable) I realised then that i was focusing on the film scene by scene. when i thought about the whole film as the story it made sense. This won't satisfy everyone. We've fallen victim to hype. There is no way that George lucas can pull off a film that everyone likes. That's impossible for any director. We are too critical. We have this picture of how the SW prequels should be made and it won't reach our expectations.
Without Lucas ILM would never have been created. Think of all the films that wouldn't have been made because of that..... Lucas can't be good at everything, eg)dialogue so give him a break and compliment him on the good things he's done with this movie.
I don't care what anyone says aswell, Hayden Christansen put everything he had into Ep2 and he was cool! If Lucas got someone else to do the dialogue, then ep3 will be excellent